Ben Cahoon

1000 receptions and still going. He only needs 7 more to pass Terry Vaughn for all time CFL receptions. Being a Alouettes fan living in Montreal, it’s been a pleasure and honour seeing this guy play for all these years… Its been a honour hearing the Alouettes home announcer yell Bennnnnn and then the crowd all yells CAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!

Congrats to him for sure. Tough as nails to boot.

Ben Cahoon; :thup: congrats

Special guy, a once-in-a-generation type receiver. Shoe-in Hall of Fame candidate once he finally hangs 'em up.

And he's an inspiration to small, slow receivers everywhere. :smiley:

Great to see him get to that milestone and now has 6 games to get 7 catches for the all time record and it couldn't happen to a classier, more deserving player. When he was asked about it he said the win was more important and when asked again he gave a lot of credit to his teammates. That is Cahoon in a nutshell

He may be small and slow, but he has the best hands in the game.

Congrats man, I was hoping that if the Al's were going to lose that they would at least get Cahoon his well deserved 1k catches but they did that and won, touche.Only the Al's :lol:

Nice little mile stone for Mr C for sure!