Ben Cahoon will be back in 2010!

Jim Popp apparently said on Tuesday January 12th that Cahoon wants to come back next year. I could read this on:
Moreover, Chiu also said the samething to Popp. The next season should be a great one!


We are all glad and I am also a big fan of Ben.

I will be relleved when they actually sign, but its still good news.

On a side note,

Herb has said that Watkins was given an offer but he wants to play the market and.
Duval wants to try his luck down south!

Isn't Ben still under contract? I thought the only question was whether or not he would retire.

Im not sure....It may be his option year.
When its announced that he is back.....then I will be relieved

Yes he is under contract.

Likely Jim asked Ben if he would agree to defer a bit of money. Damn CAP ain't moving and trying to keep a championship team is not easy. I know Anthony did it in the past to help sign Chiu. Its a special organization.

Where did you hear of players deferring salary. I never read this in the media. I only heard of the front loading that occurred before the strict SMS came into play

I agree with W. Where is the idea of salary cuts comming from?
We have no idea where the Als stand in relation to the cap nor that they are asking vets to take a cut

I am not saying that it is false, I just never heard of it, I know the NFL does it, but never heard it in the cfl.

I know, but for all we know, the Als are 500K under the cap and dont need to ask for cuts


It has happened before; a team may ask a player to accept a lower base salary and the final amount would be paid the next year. For instance they may ask Ben Cahoon to accept a salary, let's say $160,000, of which $100,000 paid in 2010 and $60,000 in 2011.

Usually a team does that when it is almost 100% sure that the player will be in his last season; otherwise, they could exceed the cap the following year.

Winnipeg did this in 2008 with Milt Stegall and Tom Canada.


Thanks Richard are you saying when retiring the money paid does not go against the SMS? If it does you are just making more difficult the next year to recoup. Does it have to happen when the player will retire in the last year.

Could be paid as a promotional fee. Maybe the team will buy 60 pairs of insoles from Ben's company...There are many ways, maybe he get's paid as a scout....

Usually it is done to high profile/high paid player and,as I said, when the team is almost 100% that the player will retire.

Yes the bonus/defer payment count against/is part of the SMS.

Again, using Ben Cahoon as example, the player replacing him will be paid much less,enabling the team to remain within SMS cap.


They look into the owners business books for those. Those ways use to be the way, but now the books are audited. I am not saying it is impossible, just more difficult.

I could be wrong but as long as teams are transparent about it, things like this can be done. Exchanging some salary for a future contract with the organisation is different then slipping the guy a cheque through a sponsor or numbered company.

It is legal, and within the rules the risk is you can carry a load over many years and suffer for it, thinking cownboys of the 90's.
Richard i also assume that the contract is guaranteed, correct?

Yay Ben!