Ben Cahoon to announce retirement

Just saw on TSN. Good news for us I guess. Sucks to see him go, great player.

I wish Ben a prosperios retirement; one clutch receiver.

The guy had a great career, especially against the cats.
However, I think he is doing the right thing. Better to hang up the cleats while your still near the top than to go out the hard way.

Gald I got to see him play...

I wonder what this means for Calvillo's future?

great player but he gose out a Champ ..

Way I'd want to go out too

Congratulations to Ben Cahoon on a remarkable CFL career. Best wishes in your future endeavours.

That just breaks my heart lol. I have been waiting for this moment for years.

In all seriousness, he has been an amazing player and as a Ticat fan I can't say I'm sad to see him go. I look forward to NOT hearing that MTL stadium announcer say "Ben Cahooooooooon" anymore. That guy really burned us over the years. I wish him all the best in his retirement.

That guy shredded the Cats. Glad to see him go.
Do we have a recievers coach yet?

Yes we do, Tim Kearse.And while I too am glad to see him move on, I greatly respect the CFL career he had and want him in the HOF asap.So with Cahoon gone, and Fantuz probably going NFL... does that make the new #1 canuck receiver in the CFL Dave Stala?

Cahoon will be remembered as a great player with three Grey Cup rings and
several records that will likely stand for a long time.

I'll miss him.

A great player, with the best hands in any football league that I have seen.
Also a very classy individual.
He will be missed.

There were faster guys, taller guys, and bigger guys but he may be the best all-round receiver I've ever seen in the CFL. Always able to make the clutch catch in heavy traffic.

I'm glad I got to see him play.

An Argo-Cat fan

In a way, it reminds me of Danny Mac when Darren retired. He was only a year younger at the time than Calvillo is now, so very similar situations.

That first year without his long-time clutch receiver was brutal. But he bounced back the following year.

I guess it all depends on whether Calvillo still wants to play, and whether he feels like he still can. To me, it looks like he's still enjoying the game. And, unfortunately for the rest of the teams, he looks like he could go another couple years at least. Plus, he didn't seem quite as dependent on Cahoon this year as he has in other years. So it wouldn't surprise me to see Calvillo still at the helm next year and even the year after.

And that raises the question of MacPherson's future. How long is he willing to wait in the wings?

Adrian McPherson = starting QB of the Ottawa franchise

I doubt Calvillo will still be around by the time of the expansion draft. So if MacPherson's still with Montreal by then, I would assume he'd be protected. In fact, wherever he's playing, he'll probably be #1 for that team, and so would be protected. I expect that Ottawa will get a pretty good QB from somewhere, but not likely him.

100% agreed CatsFaninOttawa. AC will have retired by the time of the December 2012 draft. . . so the Als will protect McPherson. Even if AC didn't retire, I'll bet that in December 2012 they'd still protect McPherson and leave AC unprotected, figuring that Ottawa wouldn't draft him anyway. . . Ottawa would expect, correctly in my opinion, that AC would retire if they drafted him. . . I doubt AC would want to finish his career by playing one, maximum two, years for an expansion team.

As was speculated, he's now officially "Coach Cahoon:"