Ben Cahoon..most outstandind canadian player

Ben Cahoon got robbed....again!! He should have definitetly gotten the outstanding canadian player award from the east. Doug Brown?!?! Are you kidding me?

That's what happens when your team goes down the standings. Ben can get his revenge by getting another GC ring and denying Doug Brown a GC ring.

I'm a diehard Als fan, but I am neither surprised nor upset that none of our players made it to the finals of these awards.

Cahoon is a star, but let's face it, this was not his best year. Brown was outstanding on the Winnipeg D-line, so this selection I do not question.

Not his best year? Let's see, the guy is leading the league in catches,and currently sits fifth in yards.
(less than 30 yards shy of sitting in second place!!) All this accomplished inspite of missing three games due to injury, having his starting quarterback out longer than that, and a head coach who thinks they should try to be a running team. Maybe not his best year statistically speaking, but he still managed to put up some pretty impressive numbers inspite of a lot of adversity...most of which seemed to be out of his control. No disrespect to Doug Brown, but Ben deserved this one, no question about it.

I agree. Not to mention that his conduct on the on and off the field has been spotless for what 10 years now. Actually kicked a winning field goal too this year.

Doug Brown is not even in the top 75 in tackles (has 35)7th on his team. He is third on his team with 6 sacks only 2 in the last 10 games! not even in the top 10 in the league Has zero tackles for a loss zero pass knock down.

This should have been a battle between Clermont and Cahoon. Brown is a good player but he's not even top 10 at his postition, this is a joke.

Gets better. How many times did Ben win Canadian Player of the Week 4? 5 times.

Brown 0

Actually Cahoon only won it once, but its still 1 more time than Brown

On the west coast side Andy Fantuz won it 3 times and Clermont twice

Then he must have gotten special team player of the week...if I remember the week he kicked the field goal...

NO he didnt win that week either,
Maybe he should have but...

Ladies and gentlmen, upon further review.....

I retract my earlier post and am now with you on this one.

I stand corrected!