ben cahoon loses again! What a joke!

Ben Cahoon loses again! What a joke!
For the 2nd year in a row Ben has lost the top Canadian award. The thing that bothers me is that for 2 years in a row the award has been given to a guy from the last place team in the West. What other sports league in the world gives an award to a guy who is on the worst team in his league while the other guy leads his team to a 15-3 record and a birth in the Grey cup. Last year Edmonton's Petersen beat him out and he didn't even make the all Canadian team and Cahoon did and Petersen, from the last place team in the West, wins the award over Ben. The nice thing is that the one who won't lose sleep over this is Ben. In the CFL it has nothing to do with the character of the man or how your team does. It verey simply makes our league selectors look like a bunch of dopes! What a Joke. At least some of our guys won and congrats!! Great year!!

While I think Ben should have won, The fact that the winner played on a last place team has no bearing on the winner.

I also wonder if Americans with non-import status should be elligable

Don't worry about it! He's shooting for a better award! Grey cup award!:stuck_out_tongue:

That is all he cares about.

Excellent point. Individual trophies mean nothing to these guys.


That is lame, he has been painted with this the last 6 years and it has stopped him for winning a few times, his parents are Canadian he was born here, his grand parents are canadian, he says he is canadian anything else is mud slinging IMO

Except he is not Canadian
He was born in Utah
His parents are not Canadian
His Grandparents are not Canadian
I have never heard him call himself Canadian.

He has non import status because his parents lived here for a few years when he was a child.

Dont get me wrong. It was not a shot at Ben.....He was nominated and he should have won.

Its the process I question, not the player

I don't know where you got your information about Ben! His parents and grandparents were born and raised in Southern Alberta. Town of Cardston. His father was not in the US until after teaching and coaching at Concordia for a few years. He attended High School in Canada, He got his degree at the University of Alberta, and so did his mother. He then taught at Red Deer college for a few years before moving to Montreal. Both sets of granparents parents lived almost their entire lives in Canada. So before you start stating your opinion get the facts first! Oh! and Ben has always said he was a Canadian.

he lost to cavillo

For g-ds sake chill out man.

without cavillo he's not getting anything ever.





With all due respect, do you have any fact to support your claim?

The information I have is that he was born in Utah from American parents. He then spent some years of his childhood in Southern Alberta, enough to satisfiy CFL's non-import criterion. He then continue growing up, particularly for high school and college, in Utah.

Based on that information, I would say that he is an American who spent some time of his youth in Canada.

So because Ben's parents are Canadian, my opinion should change?
Because Ben is Canadian I should change my opinion?

My opinion is that Best Canadian should not go to an American who has non-import status, regardless as to whether or not BC is Canadian.

Who lost to Calvillo?
They were up for 2 Different Award
Ben lost to Rickey Foley

Whether or not Ben is Canadian is not the issue here.
The issue is giving the "Best Canadian" award to an American.

If they want to call it best non-import....Fine!

I just dont like the idea of say that the best Canadian in the American

I think we have two mixed concepts here.

One is the civil concept of nationality or citizenship regarding Canadians and Americans. The other one is CFL criteria for those who have their first taste of football in Canada, rather than in the United States. For the CFL concept we have import and non-import. Note that CFL criteria are silent on the matter of nationality.

Problem arises when - for better PR and marketing impact - awards are named as "Best Canadian" instead of "Best Non-Import". As ordinary Canadians we always think of "Canadian" in civil concept while the awards really mean non-import. Therefore, Ben Cahoon receives "Best Canadian" awards is actually a misnomer since he really is not a Canadian in civil sense. He is a non-import player.

Just my opinion but.... Ben is my favorite non Eskimo no question,probably the classiest player in the league. I think Foley had a better season than him. I couldn't care less where they were born.

Yeah, I think Foley deserved to win too. Having said that Grey Cup > any other award.

That’s all that matters.

Until the age oif 7 he lived in Canada, 2 years in Mtl and 5 in Alberta.

But Ben was born in Utah
Fine, Ben is Canadian, that is really not the issue
My point remains that I am not crazy about giving an award for being the best Canadian, to an American!

By your defintion my father is american, and i can tell you he is not.