Belli's heart is with the Argos

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If Belli, a free agent, returns in 2011

for what would be his 11th season in the C.F.L.,

he will do so for the Argonauts.

Adriano would have been a good addition for the Tiger Cats but

his not coming here gives us another good reason to hate the Argos.

With his ego, he fits better in the Centre of the Universe, anyways.

Good. I think it would have been a big waste of money to sign Mr. Penalty.

He a good player but Glad he never put on Black and gold again

Translation : Didn't get the money I wanted from HAM.

I am so glad that he decided against coming back to the Ticats.

That being said... what was with the drawn out decision? Does he think he's Labron James?

I guess the drawn out decision is sort of what defines him and why we're probably better off without him.

Can't begrudge a guy wanting one last good contract in the twilight of his career.
But if money was the only reason he'd come here then its just aswell he doesn't.

I have watched Belli’s career evolve over the years starting in Montreal. There’s several things I don’t like about Mr. B I don’t like his cheap shot play and untimely penalties. And most of all - I wouldn’t want to be remembered as a male wondering around the field kissing other males. I beleive the original “Kissing Bandit” was a female who’s assests far exceed Mr. B play and off the field antics. Cheaper younger athletic players who are far more diciplined would be a better catch than Mr. B

I'd be shock if don't take the Best DT on Board now at Pick 5

From Perry Lefko
So now I'm hearing Adriano Belli will announce he's going to retire but will make the announcement fun. Never dull with him.

Retirement = Didn't get the money I wanted from TOR either.

He had a good run, had a lot of fun and was good for the CFL as he added some spice and character.

He's got the family business always on the go anyways, so if he does retire, good luck to him.

I'll always remember the guy as a modern day "Dave Fleming" for his fun loving nature, practical jokes and locker room antics :lol:

Belli has now officially retired

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I'm heartbroken.

Is it just me or does Belli look like one of the village people in that pic?

Good luck to him. He has a family business to run; post-football career planning is a good sign in an player. I was actually hoping he'd return for another year with the blue team. He was usually good for one stupid 15 yarder per game.

It's you.

Belli’s legacy: A nasty player with a big heart

The National Post Mark Masters May 12, 2011

No matter how charming Adriano Bully is off the field,

he was far from the kind of football player that I respect.

even before I read here this writer's account

of how uncivilized and brutish he was on the field.

Regarding Belli's legacy: A nasty player with a big heart...No...

he was a journeyman player who might have been a perennial all star.

If he had trained harder to get in shape, wouldn't have had to pull off

all the crap that he got involved in, especially the disgusting

below-the-belt tactics he got away with that is mentioned here.

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Just saw that Belli is now a CFL analyst with Sportsnet whose coverage of the CFL is limited.