Ya but it would strain your neck after awhile getting punched in th face all day while wearing a football cap.

Hey, whatever happened to Mihelic? Last time I saw him he was playing for the blue team I think

Age or injuries caught up with him.

He couldn't earn a starting spot in TO,
he backed up for a year or 2, then,

he quit playing altogether, I believe.

If quality Canadian nosegaurds weren't so hard to find, I would like to think Belli would be released due to his ongoing dirty undisciplined antics.

From TSN:

[url=] ... cStory_cfl[/url]

"In other news, defensive tackle Adriano Belli will not face discipline from the team for being ejected for rough play against the Ticats. He made light of his situation following Sunday's practice but said he expects to be fined by the league."

Belli takes fine in stride:

'I get paid to kill QBs'

Toronto Star

Dave Feschuk July 9 2008

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I love this line.

The guys you want to kill on the field,
it's nice to go out and have a beer with,"

said Belli. "I love offensive linemen.

They're all beautiful, fat little piggies."