Nice play!
I knew you had it in you.

He just could be the dirtiest player I have ever seen.

Hey guys, I'm at work, saw some of the game, but missed what went on with Belli. Can someone elaborate?

Belli threw a punch in a scrum with a lineman,got caught and ejected from game.
15 yd. penalty

Thanks Tiger. New it had to be something like that.
Donna :lol:

DH and I were talking about that... he threw the punch at Marwan when they were down on the ground. Good on Marwan if he managed to get under Belli's skin and make Belli lose his cool.

Belli is a scum bag. I loved that little bit they had, test your character with Adriano Belli, because he has none.

Belli is a pantload, I'm glad he's gone!

8) The ironic part of this is that Belli and Marwan are good friends off the field !!!!!

Apparently Belli thinks they are better friends than Marwan since he grabbed Marwan's "privates" last year. lol...

Belli is a punk and you can always count on him to take a penalty just when you don't need one. At least he's consistent.

I think Belli is an idiot as much as anyone (...although, liked his intensity)...but did that really deserve an ejection?

I only saw one replay, but I really thought (in all fairness) that deserved 15 yards...and that's it.

A “reputation ejection” maybe.

Deserved or not, nice to see Belli contributing to a losing cause.

You throw a punch at another player, you deserve to get tossed. That is just one of those things. And I am sure the referees warned the teams before and during the game about that sort of thing as it is to be expected between two rivals.

A reputation ejection? Maybe so, either way, football is a game of controlled aggression, something Adriano Belli has never known.

You've heard it before many times, and I am sure you'll hear it again:

"Personal foul, unnecessary roughness Toronto number 78, 15 yard penalty, automatic first down."

He should consider putting that on his gravestone.

  • paul

Interesting. Belli is also known for kissing other players. I'm guessing that doing both of those things at the same time is frowned upon in the football world.

I was in the car at the time of the foul.
Ron Lancaster had a funny reply.
He said that he would let Belli hit him in the face all day if he was wearing a helmet.
You can not be hurt by a punch with a helmet, so why does Belli do it?

honestly...when I saw the replay, I assumed he was trying to poke him between his mask or something.

I dunno...I'm partial to the intense guys...and loved it when Belli would scrap Argos on Labour Day...although, I think I'm mixing him up with Mihelic a bit...

I heard Rick Samperin say the incident occured
after Marwan had just 'pancaked' old buddy Belli.

I might be confused but I think

Rick said Belli punched Marwan in
what is know as the 'nether regions.'

Apparently Belli thinks they are better friends than Marwan since he grabbed Marwan's "privates" last year. lol...


That's too up close and personal for my tastes. :frowning:

An Argo-Cat fan

If I recall correctly, Belli got himself kicked out of the Eastern final against Winnipeg last year, too.

His whole career has been punctuated by stupid, selfish penalties.

I was so glad when we cut him loose...

Not a team player ... never was ... never will be.

He is that player that other players hate as a teammate.

A sideshow actually.

Good Riddance you Pantload!