Belli will Matthew's 1st cut - book it

"The Don" will not put up with this guys crap.

Stupid penalties and undisciplined play will spell the end of this pantloads football career.

Back to the meat business for you #78.

hey, he already has put up with him, they won a cup together and he's the best pressure guy they have, they can't afford to let him go. he's played his best football for matthews.

city legend

And I would like the name of the replacement. Matthews doesn't cut into a void. Period.

Oski Wee Wee,

Yeah they won a cup together but Matthews never used Belli as a Starter but used him in a rotation when he felt it game him an edge.

they did just add DT Kenyatta Walker.....the guy was in the NFL for a few years so he must have talent.

OT Kentatta Walker

WHOOPS! my bad