Belli wants to come back

The guy is a "pantload" ... we don't need his kind here :twisted:

"His kind" being Italians? Or meat-packers?

I hope that' not what he meant.....

I take that as a definite sign of disrespect

For sure. It's not a pleasant job, but how do you think all those juicy steaks make their way to our supermarket shelves? Meat packers have been maligned for too long in our society.

I'm pretty sure by "his kind" he meant selfish players who talk too much and take dumb penalties. That being said, I think it would be hilarious if he signed here as a free agent after we actually won the trade with Montreal on that one.

I don't know, maybe he's just too much of a bellyache to think about resigning him. :wink:

Selfish player, dumb penalties, way overrated

We don't need his kind here

I have mixed feelings about this. I'm not sure that I want the kind of player who packs it in and asks to be traded when the going gets tough and who takes selfish and stupid penalties, but if he's able to play disciplined football and not be such a cry baby, I'd be open to bringing him back for the right price.

This guy could have been the next Mosca in this town ... off the field just as colourful ... on the field a pale comparison

id welcome him back with open arms, ive always bin a belli fan, i love his energy yhe brings to the table, MARCEL HOW ABOUT IT! we need a d-line now 2 so bring em in man c'mon

With ex-coach Lancaster out of the football decision side of things it may happen.

Was Marcel still in Montreal when they traded for him?

If so maybe Marcel is higher on him than Patrick Wayne??

No. Meatheads.

I think bringing Belli back to Hamilton would be a mistake. He didn't do much in his stint with us. For what he was paid, he underachieved. I would rather see the Cats bring in a younger run-stopping rookie with something to prove.

He may be a meathead...BUT, hes a canadian meathead, so bring back that Belli. I think he'll be better this time around. :cowboy:

Belli can come back alright, but on a different Team :twisted:

Please just nice guys like Boreham on this team boys and girls.

I don't think anyone said that , but the question is do we really want someone who quits on the team when things are going badly? That's the issue most people have with Belli. That and the fact that he tends to take a costly bonehead penalty from time to time. :roll:

When Belli left town, one of the comments made was that if anyone could teach him some some discipline it was the Matthews-led Als. I know Matthews didn't stick out the season, but does anyone know if Belli's "tackle to unecessesary roughness penalty ratio" improved in Montreal.

Hope to see Belli back in black and gold. We need some spark. Missed his enthusiasm and spirit.

so now WE'RE kissing up to Belli???

Will never forget the first game he played for us in Toronto... just before the National anthem, he walked up to the officials and kissed them one after the other. They just stood there in amazement and giggled like school girls... hilarious.

Mixed review on the comeback. It would be more convenient for him to play in Hamilton.. Is that selfish???