Belli Traded

A starter for 2 subs??? Why is Lancaster the one making comments to the media? Isn't the GM the one to make trades & comment on them?
Burned again.
Please tell me again why Eric Tillman wasn't good enough to be Hamilton's GM???????????

i dont understand you people saturday night most of you were calling for belli's benching now hes traded and you are all complaining about it. i wish he wasnt traded but after his late hit on butler saturday (should've been benched or even thrown out of the game for it) and his stupid face mask penalty later it was time for him to move on

Not a bad deal really, Wayne's solid but not great and we add to our Canadian talent and hopefully send a messeage to the other players not to make dinner plans to far in advance...they may not be here.

It's a message to all the players... Play hard and within the rules of the game or find yourself on a one way flight elsewhere... I think it's great.. the reigns on this team are being pulled back and some control is looking like it's being established

Everyone screamed about this kind of thing on Saturday.. man you people are HARD to please...

My condolences to Wayne and Gauthier. Don’t worry, a playoff run isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Another possible bright side: while you won’t receive any post-season bonus, you’ll get your full year’s salary despite having an extra bye week, because both of ours are in October. That’s 18 games’ pay for 17 games’ work!

Also, in Hamilton you don’t have to worry about all the signs being bilingual. (Oops - sorry again Gauthier)


The team has the worst rush defense in the league BY FAR, and they aren't going to miss his 12 tackles. And if he isn't going to stop the run, he certainly isn't contributing a lot to the pass rush.

It is a good trade to unload a bloated salary, some undisciplined penalties for some young non-import talent, which is usually a gauge of a good CFL franchise.

Belli was a good player for the TiCats, but he is far too dumb to be taking some of those penalties. I like the no hesitation firings and trades that are happening. I didn't agree with firing Marshall, but the recent transactions will be good for the team. Now just get rid of Kavis Reed.


Last year Belli was enthusiastic to replace Joe Montford
as the leader of the Defensive Line and he worked hard at it.

He didn't bring any enthusiasm this year,
started pouting as the losses mounted
and now he seems to enjoy being a jerk.

As Zontar said "Belli for all his antics
and the hype was never more than average

but even worse he was undisciplined.


When Don Matthews gets tired of him
he should speak to his pal Ang Mosca or click here

His act would play well in the square circle.

Failing that there is always the meat business.

I do agree with Belli being traded but not necessarily for anything that happened Saturday night.
Frustration hit a whole new level that night and personally I'd be willing to forgive most agression penalties.
I honestly can't say I would have reacted any differently.

What a jerkoff move. how many good players have we boosted other teams with. Montreal just aced their already strong defence.

Sadly I agree.

Good tough football player, but one who is too undisciplined and regularly hurts the team with stupid penalties.

This guy was Overrated!!!!!!!
we got Better end of this Deal..
He Been Cancer in the Locker room.
a Problem with Coaches..

Good Radiance..

Good Riddance !

I never cared for his style of play. One of the most UNDERWHELMING LOUD MOUTHS in recent memory.

This was a HUGE STRATEGIC manouver ... while strengthening our defence by subtracting an average of 25 penalty yards a game the organization TORPEDOED the middle of the Als defense.

Great move by Katz ... now all he has to do is find HIS* REPLACEMENT. *("his" = Katz)


*edited for clarification

THANK GOD!!! Come on, he has shown a great tendency of late of taking some stupid penalties. The pity is we did not receive some offensive help - the biggest problem with our defense is our offense. Semi - happy with release of offensive coaches - however not excited with Ron L & committee taking over. We should bring in TSN panel to coach the team.

Replacement? Easy.

Marc Pilon.
At least the same level of effectiveness but at half the price with less talking and kissing.

I'll give you three reasons. I could provide more but I don't want to write an essay.

  1. Trading the #1 pick in the Ottawa disbursal draft for Corey Holmes. Now, Holmes is a great player, but we already acquired Ranek and didn't need a running back/return guy as badly as we needed a good DB (ie. Cory Banks).
  2. Firing Greg Marshall. It should be more than obvious that Marshall was not the problem.
  3. This Belli trade.

Want to complain that Belli took too many penalties/was a loose cannon? I don't blame the guy for being upset a lot of the time when he's on the field over 35 minutes and his offense won't produce. I do, however, look to Reed to keep his players under control, or sub them out if need be.

You mention that we have the worst rush D in the league. Keep in mind that the other teams have had MORE TIME on offense to rush the ball, and most games we've been losing near the end so the other team just runs the ball to kill the clock. Look beyond the stats and try to understand that everything in football is influenced by everything else.

kiss goodbye bigboy smooooooooooooch

Players sometimes do those things like taking bad penalties in crucial moments and not performing just so they can be released. He probably said that he does not want to play there anymore so they cut him.

Belli is one of the most selfish players that I’ve ever seen. It’s a shame that he is the way he is because he has great potential but his play is so selfish with the penalties he takes.

So you are telling me that if our offense was on the field for, let's say, an extra 5 minutes in the first game against Saskatchewan, Kenton Keith wouldn't have run for 148 yards on 13 carries? I understand what you are saying about "the best defense is a great offense" but that is like 11 yards a carry!

A defensive tackle's main job description to have the ability to take on the center and a guard to allow other members of the defensive line and linebackers to have an advantage. From what I saw, that doesn't seem to be happening enough from a veteran player who is getting paid an above average salary. And it is not like he is mentoring younger players and being a leader by taking undisciplined 15 yard penalties ...

And when Corey Holmes signs with another team next year and that team utilizes him properly, you will be sorry that he ever left.

But that is just my opinion ... :slight_smile: