Belli to Argos

Apparently the argos are about ready to sign belli…so take another possible FA off our list.

probaly got over paid.

I wonder if the Cats honestly thought they had a shot at getting him back for 2007, thus making last year's trade a rental...

I guess Belli doesn't really care whether its Hamilton or Toronto so long as he's close to the family meat business in Mississauga. Whoever is putting more $$ on the table I suppose.

He did draw a few too many penalties anyway.

he would have never fit it in with the cats, i know the argos run a 3-4 defense, so im surprised they signed him, maybe they will move to a 4-3 defense and gather more lineman prospects.

wasn't he one of those players that quit on the team and asked to be moved anyway?

Yes he was Walked out in the Middle of Practice more then Once
Glad he not Coming here .

Belli was ok in my opinion.....a little off the wall but a funny guy nonetheless...

.............can't say he wasn't enthusiastic and intense :cowboy:

Given the lack of impact of his play ,all the hype when he was signed and money that was thrown at him by the old regime he was a Grade A bust.

Belli is an unwelcome quitter anyway. His attitude is exactly what a rebuilding team cannot afford. He may succeed in Toronto but here he'd be nothing but a distraction

Or whomever is passing more $$$ UNDER the table...

Belli is pure garbage, and will single-handedly cost the argos atleast 2 games this season with dumb, untimely penalties.

I didnt see Belli taking penalties with the Als. Like some of the other players he wanted out of Ham real bad.