Belli to Alouettes exchange for Wayne and Gauthier.....guess the housecleaning continues.....

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We dont want him!

hahaha…the alouette picked up a dud…why o why did the als take on this bum.

als penatly count will soar thu the roof now.

Dont worry ro.....once he tries to kiss the Don he will be a roadapple again.

This looks good on the 'Cats. In the first few games the special teams were the only major problem. More problems came after that of course. Another body on special teams will help.

You do know he played for Mtl before Ham?
Puckered up for the Don on more than one occasion

that is what I mean, look where it got will all come back to the Don after the first kiss....he is good for about 40 yards in penalties against a game

hamilton just solved a good portion of thier penalty woes....and inflicted damage to a divisional oppenent at the same time.

Oh... geeez...I really liked Philipp Gauthier. At least I hope he can seize the opportunity to shine in Hamilton... Belli... like we needed another d-linemen...

Belli is fine as a backup. Ticats used him as a starter…

jm02, in giving us this real news, you kinda overlooked the fact Saskatchewan might have thought of possibly trading for AJ Gass a month ago. Now THAT would have been hard news.

But you don't care about what we REALLY want to know and keep posting true stuff that can be verified.

You are never going to be our most valuable member that way, ya know...

yeah, and did you catch the link I provided?? Popularity/credibility down the crapper right there.....

Belli for Wayne is pretty much a wash in terms of talent, except Wayne doesn't have a ridiculously short temper and thus doesn't hurt his team by taking idiotic penalties at critical times.

Gauthier, I think the Alouettes gave up on him a bit. He was solid on special teams last season. This yeah, he's pretty much just sat tucked away on the PR. Hopefully, this can be a new launching point for him.

so now we have to play against this bum again :roll:

.....twice, in another home-and-home series.....

Wayne never impressed me, particularly, so I'm not upset to see him go; Gauthier we never got to see much, but I think the writing was on the wall for him with the development of Boulay this year.

So I don't think we lost much.....but we didn't gain much either.

I guess our Offence is too perfect to make any changes...

was this trade done in order to get rid of some of the salary.. its not like wayne plays all that much and girard only plays ST