Belli suspended

[url=] ... -suspended[/url]

He's got the skills & he's a really good player... But for some of the crap he pulled last year this looks good on him. Just my opinion.

the most overrated, most talked about media dufus in the past 20 years. I’d trade him for a bag of cleats and if i couldn’t get that ,I’d cut him.

Belli is at times a great football player, his issue is in his head. He takes stupid penalties at the wrong times. And seems to lose his cool too much. Having said that he is a good Canadian DL. I wish he would just mature a bit.

I just read the article on TSN. This guy's lucky the Als players didn't yank him into their lockerroom and circle beat him. :roll:

lol, with Chip Cox on the team it could have been a circle...never mind. :lol: