Belli Suspended

The league suspended Beli one game for a pattern of misbehaviour. Why now?

They used Belli as one of the spokespersons for the Atlantic Bowl Game between the Argos and the Eskimos.

Mark Cohon was there … why would the league pick someone who violates rules as a “Goodwill Ambassador”.

I wish the Atlantic Bowl was the game he was suspended for … it would look good on

I suspect it is because, sadly, the Argos do not have a high profile Canadian other than Belli on their roster! I too question the timing of the announcement...Very strange.

Classic !...the same league and Commissioner that's trying to get rid if Canadian players.........and Cohon wants to discuss misbehaviour? ..........this has to be an early April Fools joke right?

Can we give good ol' Rob "Sucker Punch" Murphy a suspension too?Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Suspension was due to a specific incident before their last reg. season game and the culmination of his previous antics. Season was over so he couldnt serve suspension until 2010.

What's not to understand ?

Belli should be thankful.
It's the only way his name gets mentioned because its sure not from any high level performance.

This clown is way overrated.

Somewhere a village is deprived of its idiot.

Couldn't happen to a better guy. This guy is a grade-A dillhole. The sooner he retires, the better. I can't stand this fool

ah coach, what could i do to get that A and A+! lol

Just ask, lol. He’s now a grade A+ dillhole.

I pity the fool

1 Game big Zipadedoda deal.... itwon't stop him from being a Jackass when he Returns

So true.Was ready to egg the guys house when he ripped Glenn's helmet off.Such a dangerous thing to do to anyone, expecially to a QB when the play's still on.Guy need's to get booted outta the league IMO.Perfectly supports what Toronto's about though.Cheap shots and loving yourself to death.

Hard to throw stones after we signed Jason Jimenez.

8) The reason Belli was given this one game suspension was due to the fact that he entered the Montreal dressing room
   prior to the the game on Nov. 7, to confront some Al's players regarding incidents earlier in the season that he was 
   angry about.

   The leagues reason for not announcing the suspension until now, was out of respect for the CFL playoffs and Grey Cup.

    Belli's one game suspension will be applied for the first regular season game this year !!!

I understand all that. . .particularly about not announcing the suspension during Grey Cup and playoffs.

But the Grey Cup and the playoffs were in November 2009.

It's now at the end of March 2010.

The suspension should be appied to the first game that Toronto plays Montreal. It was their dressing room that he entered. If a Montreal player or two challenged him it could have led to a very difficult situation for the league. Montreal, to their credit did not respond and should enjoy not having to put up with this pant load for one game, not Calgary.

On that play, I believe Belli used his new tackling technique called the bowling ball tackle, wherein he inserts his thumb in the earhole and grasps the opponent's helmet and seeks to fling the helmet similar to releasing a bowling ball. Quite effective and also circumvents the head shot and face mask penalties.


Not to diminish any of his past accomplishments, but all the cute little kissing escapades and jovial interviews can't erase the fact that he is a player who takes too many questionable liberties on the field for which he should be reprimanded. Playing the clown doesn't excuse his behaviour and I can't understand how he acts as though it does. :thdn:

Joking aside, I believe Belli was a less effective DT last season and shows signs that the years are catching up. In his prime, he was the prototypical nose tackle in a 3-4 defense, nearly always occupying two blockers and still able to apply consistent pressure. You do not see that same dominating physical presence now.
The guy is a different person off the field, involved in a lot of community and charitable work for the Argos and his own foundation. I think others such as Marwan Hage would agree with that assessment.