Belli, sad way to end a career.

I am surprized that there isn't more being said about Belli's brain cramp. He pulled a Mitchell and should be getting an earfull. Too bad that there is little or nothing that can be done except be happy that his career ends with a walk of shame.

Pretty awesome way to end a career I would think. Big bonus cheque, Grey Cup ring and name on the CUP - not too shabby end to any career. To top it off he seemed amused by the whole situation by putting his hands on the necks of the officials. Too bad be can't be stripped of all the Grey Cup finery and bonuses.

I don't know, somehow I think his Grey Cup celebration would be somewhat muted.

I think that there is a chance that he may recieve a fine and the CFL should withhold his Grey Cup Check so they can deduct the amount of the fine.

He was being sarcastic, but whether his infraction was intentional or not, the Toronto native wasn’t apologizing afterwards.

“You know what? It’s not two-hand touch,? he said. “You bring in a guard dog? You gotta let him bite people.?

Belli said he spent the fourth quarter inside the Argos dressing room “drinking beer and eating pizza.? He called winning the Grey Cup at home “amazing? despite being tossed.

“Since I’m going to retire, I don’t think the coaches can flip out any longer. I’ve driven them crazy enough over the years,? Belli said.
“This is so fitting,? he added. “Hometown boy, Toronto, 100th Grey Cup. Finish my career here. Typical getting kicked out with my rap sheet over the years ... I couldn’t be happier.?

not to classy

Hopefully a nice big fine will take some of the joy away.

I'm not surprised. Belli was a gun for hire and Toronto used a loophole in the rules to hire him in a way. I have said it before but I don't agree with late season signings like that. Its not good for the majority of players and its the vets who will end up paying the price.

By sad, I mean pathetic.

Belli, Todd Bertuzzi, sad though that at times, these types of players can work for a team to not only help win but raise to the next level, they have talent and an emotional aspect that can work, in different situations, precarious as that can be and volatile. Whose that other guy that played or plays for the Rangers that is along that line? :? Belli fits in with these sorts. Sad in a way for sports, but true. Can you say Philadelphia Flyers way back when? Sad reflection on the sad league of the NHL as it is in 2012.

I believe Sean Avery is the name you were looking for.

Yeah Belli was so upset about it that he decided to bust the Grey Cup afterwards.

Agree with the earlier poster who mentioned Belli walking off with one arm over the official's shoulder. Belli sure didn't seem too "shamed" to be kicked out.

Although he didn't contribute much on the field, Belli's always been a great teammate. He's a legit tough guy who isn't afraid about making dirty plays. Which is exactly what Toronto used to intimidate Montreal and Calgary on their way to the championship.

Belli joke of a player who made a mockery of his profession... total beneficiary of his Canadian passport ... to even hint at the notion that Belli played even the tiniest, smallest, infinitesimal role in INTIMIDATING anybody is totally laughable.

Good riddance to a total jacka$$ !

I thought that by "sad" you meant "completely predictable"

Belli is a character. We need more characters and fewer robotic cliché machines in pro sports. Good on him for making a contribution to Toronto's Grey Cup run.

In the EDF there's no question Calvillo was cowering away from the Argo pressure when he threw two critical INTs. He wasn't willing to take any physical punishment. Calvillo was afraid. Even after the game, Trestman was crying about rough play from Toronto.

Same deal with fake tough guy Cornish in the Grey Cup. Toronto punched him in the face early, then once again Cornish folded and was a complete non factor.

No question Toronto was the most intimidating team in the playoffs. That's what wins football games. And that's been Belli's game for his entire career. When you need someone to brawl, there's not many players I'd take over him.

You're living in a dream world if you don't think Belli had anything to do with Toronto's physical play. Remember what he said after returning to Toronto?

"Whether you like it or not, the little men follow the big men and if you have a big man out there causing trouble and stirring the pot, the little men will follow suit. I’m here to pick a fight.?

after being ejected he will be fined for his actions also so he will lose some of his playoff pay. Since he will not be back next season he should be made to pay at the very least his Grey Cup game. I would rather it be for 2 playoff game checks since he con not be suspended any game since he will not be back next season. His Grey Cup Ring should be withheld until his fines have been paid.

Money is not an issue for Belli.

Not sure about his playoff bonuses, but I know he gave all his regular season money to Sick Kid's Hospital. So losing $500 or $1000 or whatever it might be in fines will just be something for him to laugh about.

Belli has been fined an undisclosed amount.