LOL just read on argos website that belli plans on SHUTTING UP THE CROWD TOMMORROW and dancing with his teamates all day long.
But i think ive got some news mr MR BELLY by mid way through the fourth quarter he wont feel like dancing anymore by 6 pm tommorrow nite he and his teamates will be crying in there tea. And the crowd that they were gonna SHUT UP WILL BE HEARD CHEERING ALL THE WAY IN TORONTO


Dancin? No, more like belli ackin all day long. Lets sell this thing out and shut up this guy.


Im not worried, he's been hurt majority of the season and only is effective for the other team taking stupid penalties. Plus we've given up the fewest sacks this year!



MISSISSAUGUA – Never short on words, Argos DT Adriano Belli quickly squashed any impression that the Argos will be the least bit intimidated by the hostile Hamilton crowd this Sunday.

“Heading out to Hamilton, playing my Simon and Garfunkel on the way, seeing the Box J Boys, the people yelling at us, all of the black and gold; we love playing there,? Belli said with a smirk. “It’s going to be a hostile environment so let’s get hostile with their quarterback.?

Belli is no stranger to the atmosphere at Ivor Wynne. Like many former Tiger-Cats who have traded in their Black and Gold for Double Blue, he knows exactly what he is in for when the Argos hit the field and insists that the Boatmen try their best to take the negative energy being directed their way and use it to fuel them.

“I speak for a lot of guys on defence when I say that we feed off of that,? Belli continued. “We love shutting the crowd up by making a big play or making a big sack and hearing them all quiet down.?
Belli has returned to the Argos’ lineup after missing 13 games with an injury. His season seemed all but done when he was placed on the nine-game injured list but the one exemption that the CFL grants teams to activate a player from that list allowed him to return last week in Montreal. Belli is an emotional leader on and off the field and Argos head coach Jim Barker understands that #78’s true value extends far beyond the playing field.

“He just brings something to our whole football team,? Barker said of Belli. “He brings an energy, an excitement and an enthusiasm that only Adriano can bring so it’s great to have him back.?

Belli’s best attributes are sometimes his biggest downfall. His history of taking untimely penalties is something that has hindered him in the past but Barker, who has turned a once disorderly group into a disciplined squad, believes that Belli should have no problem buying into and putting the team first when it matters most.

“If Adriano cares about his team and he cares about us winning, then he does the right thing. It’s just that simple,? Barker confided.

Last week, Belli was back to his old tricks again but this time he contained it to playfully head butting of teammate Grant Shaw and organizing a dance on the team’s sideline with fellow members of his defensive line. Said Belli, “We are going to be dancing all game long and may the better team win.?

Yeah, that Bridge Over Troubled Water tune is a real motivator!

Belli is a legend in his own mind, loves to hear himself talk. He's not that good really.

Offside Belli can kiss off and shut up! :rockin:

x2.Why is he even in the league anymore?I would've kept Etienne Legare and released or traded Adriano "the useless penalty king" Belli.

I hope our O-line knocks Belli on his behind all day long. Makes him so angry that he gets flagged multiple times.

It's fun to listen to Belli and Hage trash-talk each other through the media. I had to laugh at how Belli referred to Hage as being a "pig" in terms of being in shape in The Spectator. I just hope that this will only motivate Hage even more and that Hage buries him on every play! They may be good friends off of the field, but now it's serious business!! :cowboy: