Belli out of retirement to play for Canada

Adriano Belli coming out of retirement and going to play for Canada at the IFAF - World Cup of American football!!

Belli said “I told the coaches, ‘You got to take care of the old man.’
“I’m still smoking two packs a day. I live on Harvey’s and McDonald’s, but I still got it baby.?
The short break between games is not the only part of the competition, which Belli objects to.
“They are playing American rules, which I’m not the biggest fan of,? he said. “I love the Canadian rules, but I’m game for anything.?

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Who cares … the guy is a walking billboard for himself.

He's not technically coming out of retirement. He retired from pro football and this is not pro football he will be playing.

Pro football is an exhausting existence of nothing but pain and fatigue. It takes the type of dedication few of us can understand. That is what he retired from.

and they are going to allow that pant load to represent Canada - Geesh

Come on it's not that bad! he only played defense not both ways! One game a week for 4 months.
...and all kinds of padding and helmets to soften the blows....................Try playing Rugby!!!!!!!!!!!!

What exactly do you base "not that bad" on? Have you played football at a high level like university or pro? The way you are writing it tells me that the answer is a clear no.

Your own twisted perception of something you have not experienced yourself does not speak for reality. Why do you think 95% of them retire before 33?

oh god, another person without a sense of humour...................I was being facetious (yes look that up if you don't understand)

Good for Belli.

(the guy is a pistol) 8)

Hey A***hole!! try playing rugby.................