Belli in trouble?

Anyone see Andrus chew out Belli in his post game comments? Andrus said if he wants to be in the WWE then go ahead, but if he wants to be a football player then he needs to follow the rules or he will be playing for someone else. Ouch!!!

The ONLY reason Belli is in the league is because of his CITIZENSHIP. Andrus is just learning now, what EVERYONE in the league knows - Belli is an A$$ Clown. For every 1 good play - you get 3 average ones and a MAJOR penalty to boot.


Belli is a "character"....I like the guy and truly believe the CFL needs a few like him. (just as the NHL needed Eddie Shack)

Go easy on the guy.......he's fun but he's harmless.The guy loves the CFL wholeheartedly.

Answer this question; Why was Adriano Bellie traded from Montreal to Hamilton? Why did Hamilton release him? Answer - Pantload - undisciplined play - too many dead ball fouls - too many cheap shots - can not keep his big mouth shut.

Belli will be released and replaced by Etienne Legare within three games, I bet. Belli cannot play with discipline. He has proven it his whole career.

I wonder if there's any chance Obie can trade the rights to Corey Mace to Toronto when that happens? The Argos will need extra Canadian depth on the D-Line when they cut Belli loose.

All the teams seem to have a pant load. When are we going to get ours, bring Belli back we need our own pant load.

Belli has the self control of a 6 year old with ADHD that has just eaten a pound of chocolate.

He is a disgrace to the CFL.

So you feel it's fun and harmless for Belli to head butt people
when he gets carried away emotionally do you, deerhunter?

The message I get from that is
you must be channeling Bobo Brazil,

it would be wise to steer clear of you
when you get carried away emotionally.

Andrus is right about playing clean and disciplined football, problem is that Belli and Picard are two NI starters so he needs to find a way to get them to commit. Belli should be careful because he won't be welcome in Hamilton at least I doubt it and the way Montreal's front four is playing that they would be interested in trading a NI for Belli. So if he wan'ts to stay close to the family sausage factory, he's going to have to stop showing off.

Yeah, what a loveable nut that Belli is. Nothing 's funnier than when you're busting your ass trying to play like a profeessional an he takes a selfish 15 yard major penalty.

Must have been lots of laughs in the locker room after.

I can't tell you how much he drove me nuts with his antics when he was in Hamilton.

One ?

63 2 Argonauts A. BELLI Unnecessary Roughness 15 Accepted
63 2 Argonauts A. BELLI Offside 5 Accepted
61 2 Argonauts A. BELLI Face Mask 9 Accepted
27 1 Argonauts A. BELLI Unnecessary Roughness 15 Accepted

...THE GUY IS A HEAD-CASE....i just have to go back a couple of yrs. and remember a game where Belli unloaded a shot to Obby Khans privates...How many cheap shots does this guy get away with before he gets turfed....He sure as hell ain't the innocent 'kissing bandit' he tries to portray on the sidelines.....And yes football is a violent sport...but there's a line you can cross and that dirty player crosses it a lot...I hope the Argos have a loooooong talk with that boy....and it appears his days in T.O. 'COULD' be numbered. :thdn:

When he was here if it weren't for his bonehead offside calls no one would have noticed he was actually out there .

TOR was getting the penalties the officials should have called here last week.

Relax there old boy. You're going to give yourself a heart attack.

Football, if I'm not mistaken, is a pretty rough game. So what if a player gets a little caught up in the heat of the moment. I think this thing about the head butt is a huge over-reaction. C'mon, I mean they both had helmets and facemasks on.....far worse happens to guys on the line of scrimmage where they bangs helmets all day long. Belli is Belli, and sure, he took an unecessary penalty, but let's not make him into some sort of criminal. No matter what anyone says about the guy, I have always enjoyed watching him play. He cracks me up. I also think the Toronto coach went way overboard calling the guy out in public the way he did with all the references to the WWE.

Yes, now Belli will have to walk on eggshells for a while but if the Toronto coach doesn't like him, I'm sure he'll find a way to throw Belli under the bus regardless. I think it's a shame because Belli is fun to watch and clearly really enjoys the CFL.

8) I know that the Cats released Belli for his undiciplined play, but didn't the Cats originally sign him from Montreal as a free agent signing, not a trade ???

Argos were winning by 10 and were controlling the game when Shell an Belli started their stupidity. Even the Rider beat guys agree that the penalties in the last 5 minutes of that half, changed the momentum. A player can't take the week's work of 60 or so people and throw it in the can because he is getting handled on the field. Very selfish.

Like most attention whores Belli could care less what negative effects he has on his team, as long as someone's mentioning his name he doesn't care why.
His periodic decent plays aren't enough to warrant costing his team a game.

I like how Belli plays.

I liked him in Montreal, Hamilton and now Toronto.

What I don't like is the penalties this guy takes.

In Hamilton, 30-40 yards in penalties this guy would take a game. I was really glad that the cats dumped him. If he cuts down on the penalties, he's a guy everyone in the league covets.

Belli takes way too many penalties, and doesn't make many plays. I don't see why anyone starts him.