Belli back with argos

Boat people getting desparate. ????????

It looked like a desperation move to me too but if they go all the way to the GC game, there's only six games left to play. He's too old to play a full season but maybe for six games, he can still be useful. As a non-import, they don't have to do any major roster shuffling for this move.

An Argo-Cat fan

8) Another missed opportunity by Obie !!
  I realize that Belli is somewhat of a head case, but considering that the Cats are down to one healthy non-import
  D Lineman, Belli could have been a least a fill in body on the D Line for the last 3 games !!

  Actually, he might even be better than some of our Import D Lineman, on this team at this point in time !!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

  If he is able to play, that would have freed up another Import spot where it is needed, most likely on our O Line now !!

  Hell, just stick him in at D Tackle, at least he is a non import body, where we need one !!

Another example of why the Canadian ratio must be reduced!!
Not enough Canadians out there and they have to bring them out of retirement.

Big Belli has a great talent for drawing penalties,don't let us down keep up the great work AB. :lol: