Belli asked to be traded !

Reading an interview Belli gave to Montreal media where he claims he asked the Ticats to trade him weeks ago. I find that surprising.

He says he enjoyed his time in Hamilton last year…But Glad to be back with a contender.

.....yep, nothing better than being with a contender when you show minimal disipline on the field as a player :?

I think he'll play for Toronto when he becomes a free agent.

8) Why would you be surprised ?? If Belli said it, then he meant it !!!!
 I stated on this site last week that more than one TiCat player wanted off this team ASAP, and I was laughed at and told I didn't know what I was talking about !!!  Well, the truth comes out now doesn't it !!!

Maybe the players don't like Reed, Goss isn't coming back, Belli wanted out, and last year Roundtree was constantly getting into fights with Reed on the sidelines.

Also regarding this trade Gauthier says he wasn't in the "in crowd" because he dosen't understand English! Any French Speaking coach in Hamilton and Clinton Wayne has been wanting out since last year.

This trade isn't going to go down in history...

HfxTC, I am not surprised Belli bailed out.

At least last year he tried to assert himself as a leader
and fought and scrapped on most plays for most of the year

Once we started losing again this year he just went on cruise control
coming to practice every day to collect a paycheck after ever game.

That doesn't sit too well with Kavis Reed
and I am sure he let big Belli know it.

Methinks the big bully felt felt picked on.