Belli and Kamu CFL All Stars

Two ex-Cats, and Non-Imports to boot made All Canadian.
Now Belli being named as 1 of the top 2 interior D-lineman in the CFL?
He must be kissing someone

Now if Maas becomes an all star..... :oops: :oops: :oops:

belli is good, no denying that, but for the years he was here, 1 good play, 1 15 yard penalty. You can't keep guys like that.

Kamau was a big mistake in letting him go but, in the first half of last year, he didn't catch anything when he was here and then the second half of 2006, he finally got the right combination of stickem

Kamau has been with multiple teams and dumped by multiple teams cuz he can't hold onto the ball. I'm glad he's an allstar cuz he had an awesome year

I thought it was a mistake to let Petersen go, he was a character guy who played for the team. True enough, he did have the dropsies for a while, but he seemed to overcome them last year, once he had a QB who could throw a good pass. I especially liked the catch he made for Edmonton during an afternoon game in the rain last year. He caught the ball in the end zone and slid across the turf on his butt right up to the TV camera and then he flicked the ball into the lens. Nice moment.

Petersen's discreet contributions to this discussion board were also welcome, it was nice to see him back last week, but I'm sure we won't see him again for a while.

As for Belli? I really liked his energy, he loves to play so much he can't even stand still on the sidelines. His tendency to take stupid penalties at key moments made him expendable in my view. Hopefully this year we can fill the gap he left on the d-line.


I'm a big fan of Kamau and have been since he came here. I have tremendous respect for him and I'm glad he came into his own.

Yup, and if it couldn't happen here, I'm glad it happened in the Empire... :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue:


Me too :wink:

The funny part is that you can still say that based on his performance last year and our lack of it in the receiving department. I'm pretty sure we could find a few people who are much better suited to that name than he is.

Belli- too many penalties

Peterson- too many drops

That said, we do need to get even better at receiver and DT in 08.

All the games lost have been bad enough then you throw all the bonehead player deals on top of that in the last few years. The team is going to have lots of green first year players again this year, I cant wait to see whats in store this season.

And yet,Kamau was Edmonton's most reliable receiver last year. What a difference a year makes, huh?

A year and a QB.

…didn’t the Eskimos also watch the playoffs on TV?. Seems that a year didn’t make that much of a difference for KP after all.

Perhaps,if success were exclusively based on winning the Cup. Kamau was much more reliable and effective last year than he has been in a long time. He has certainly picked up his game.

I certainly appreciate the sentiment from those who gave it. I've been a Tony Miles fan for quite some time and I think that he will give you guys a jolt of much needed excitement into your receiving corps. Your new GM is one that I'm familiar with as well, and I think you'll find his eye for talent one of the keener in this league. Enjoy the rest of the off-season, it's going by fast.