Belli Aches (Argos' Injury Update)


Neither tackle Adriano Belli (foot) nor slotback Jeremaine Copeland (elbow) will play in Hamilton, Barker confirmed.

One player who could make his debut this season is receiver James Robinson. It would make sense with the release this week of fellow import Jeffery Webb.

Robinson and non-import Spencer Watt both got reps with the first team on Thursday.

Offside Belli AKA: The kissing bandit can't play! , that's to bad I would have liked to see our D-line burn him on every play :wink:

Belli is a defensive tackle. He doesn't play against the Ticats D-line.

I just had to laugh at the thread title..........very clever :lol: :lol:

Better not let the Boxergirl see this thread thus.....Flicker, Flicker, Flicker....Pow, Pow....Go Argos.... :rockin:

Yeah I thought that was pretty cute.

With two injured first string A-goes, I hope our boys don't become complacent and think this game will be a cake waik,
because it wont. It seems to me these same two players were out of our previous game due to injuries and yet we
just narrowly eked out the win.

I don't think it would make much difference if Belli played. Considering next game is Labour Day, he'd likely get himself ejected early in the game anyway. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, Gagne-Marcoux and Copeland are also out, so there are no excuses for losing this one. But of course, did they not beat MTL despite missing those two for much of the game?

Also interested in seeing Robinson, their reason for releasing Webb.

Belli and CGM are listed on the blue team depth chart.

So, Barker "Belli-ed." ("belied")