Bellefeuille's Reason Not Good Enough

Bellefeuille's quote before our 1-point loss to Edmonton, regarding sitting out leading receiver Chris Davis.... “Everything that happens on the field has an impact on our decisions, but we’re not quick to give up on players because they make mistakes. We don’t want a team where guys are looking over their shoulder if they’ve made some mistakes,? ...... is very contradictory and sounds like quite a lame reason to sit out your leading receiver. By the same token, Drisan James should be playing next game based on this quote. It really makes no sense, and that decision for all intents and purposes directly affected the outcome of this game. I hope Bellefeuille and those inlcuded on this lame decision have learned something. I've given Bellefeuille the benefit of the doubt on certain decisions lately, but i'm starting to be reminded of our lowly 3 wins and play selection last year with him as offensive coordinator.

well he's currently got 5 wins as head coach, so he's earned my trust for now. He's a pretty good coach. You wanna talk about stupid decisions, talk to Kelly about his theory that the shotgun formation is only for flag football and Andrus' move to give us Bruce and his decision to go for the win rather than the tie last week. Beullfille called a good play, had Glenn and Bruce been on the same page, it'd have been 1 and 10 around the 20 yard line with 14 ish seconds left and you'd be kissing MB's shoes.

There's a reason why we were ranked 2nd overall by TSN. Davis was leading the team in yards and receptions, so he had to be doing something right. I hate to lower our standards by comparing Bellefeuille to Kelly or Andrus like you've done, but based on Bellefeuille's quote and result of his bold move, I'm starting to wonder. I would love to know how Obie felt about the move before the game.

Sometimes coaches have to look at the long term. I think MB sat him to send a message to the other guys on the team which I think will pay dividends down the road. Let's face it, no fan has the pulse of the team like MB. Maybe he detected a bit of sloppiness creeping in or a bit of an attitude from some guys and he did what he did to send a message.

So far, I've liked what MB has done with the team.

An Argo-Cat fan

You shouldn't need to bench your top receiver for stuff that doesn't even go public just to make a point. If Davis plays last week instead of James, you guys probably win that game.

What message is he really sending? You lead the team in receptions and yardage but you're sitting out? I surely hope there is more to it than that contradictory lame quote he made. That move directly affected the outcome of this game. We need every single win not matter how we get it. Let him use his skills to have a sit down with Davis is that is the case. Don't embarrass your leading receiver and down grade your team to make a point!

I just hope MB starts Davis on Labour day. I believe with Davis`s passion and enthusiasm. He will come back with a chip on his shoulder and with something to prove. He should have a stellar game!!

I want Davis in there next game because he has proven that he can get the job done and I happen to like the little guy a lot. But I can’t believe that James is anywhere near as bad as he showed the last game. From everything that Glenn and others have said about him, I think he just had a bad game and I definitely don’t think we should give up on him, let alone sit him next game. I say get him in against Toronto as a backup and throw to him. I’ll bet he’ll surprise everyone.
Same with Bauman.

Regardless is Davis sits or plays is the coaches decision. Davis appears to be all full of himself and dropping several catches at key times in the game needs to be addressed. I like James - he will improve - Davis will improve as well or end up like Dwight Anderson.

Whitlock's first game- he drops 2 sure TD passes. He was 3rd string RB behind Jesse and McCarty. Now he is one of the most exciting players in the CFL.

 Cobb vs. Whitlock for Rookie of the Year - who would you take?

 Let's not be too hasty re James.

"If you're gonna drop the ball, we've got other guys who can drop it just as well or even better than you."

Best post of the 2009 season :smiley: :smiley:

Lol he wasn't trying to send a message, Davis was dropping passes he should've had at key points in the game all year. He figured we should test the rookie that was an all-star in college and always made sweet catches in practice. James' fault for choking, not MB's. Next game Ball or Davis should start.

Hey synthcat how about the two that Bauman dropped , in his hands rite on the numbers.
your rant is Pretty lame if you ask me.
How about if we can get our special teams to finish off the tackles in the end zone instead of standing around and looking at each other.
The Ticats as a team, that has been brutal in the past number of years need to stop reading their press clippings and FOCUS on giving us an entire 60 minutes of football I think Obie and the coaching staff owe the fans that much.
So save the excuses and the blame.

Like the coach knew that he would drop the pass in the end zone ?? Why dont we let the coach decide who plays , unless you think you know better than the coaching staff ???

8) I always remember the great Tommy Joe Coffey's wise words, "anytime the ball hits you in the
 hands, you should catch it".

 Nuff said  !!!    <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

I agree with bringing James back next game but Bauman?The only thing he has proven is that he was not worth all the hype.

Based on the games played so far I would go with Whitlock.Cobb has played well and is only going to get better but he still has to much inconsistencies.
Maybe by the end of the year he will have my vote,but for now im goin with Whitlock.

Keeping Bauman in, is very much a Beullfeuille coaching decision too. Two years ago, Bauman was too skinny. Last year, he just needs more confidence. Grant and Carter I guess aren't good enough in practice. Even with P-Rods and Stala's drops the few games before last, our coach thinks Davis is the one who needs replacing. That move paid off well. :roll:

I think James got the start because Glenn is probably more comfortable and has a better chemistry with the second unit.