Bellefeuille's enjoying the Tranquil and laidback atmosphere

This is too funny

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I almost pissed my pants

Frankly he was not the Right Choise IMO
I would have Hired Jacques Chapdelaine
Not Sure Denny Creehan was the right pick for our Defence Ether.

I would have tried a Mike Roach
who coached for many years in this league

Also Notice both coaches are in B.C.

Where did our GM come From Hmmmmmmm

Time Will Tell If I was right

I think it's too soon to tell if any of the assistants are the right guys or not. Taafe on the other hand....

An Argo-Cat fan

Lots of yapping and second guessing MB already.

He and Printers were behind the 8 ball the entire game. Down two scores by their third posession bad field position then add two killer drops and a fumble by Mitchell, hot and cold blocking that removed the running game from his scheme then holding and procedure penalties that ruined solid drives

I know its chic in this town to throw as many people under the bus as fast as possible but is it too late to ask for a little fairness and perspective?

Where does it say "laidback"? And the word tranquil was used to describe his working relationship with Obie and Taaffe as opposed to control freak Popp who divided his locker room.

If anything it was a positive and complimentary, a "healthy atmosphere".

Completely missed the point and context. Couldnt have got it more wrong.

Onknight - I agree - both very poor choices- It all starts at Leadeship - neither of theses chuckleheads have been able to provide any inidication of any leadership style - Charlie looks lost in space and half time adjustments or even during game adjustments appear to be nonexisitent. As much as I hate the Arg&% - It all starts with Coaching and Leadership -underfortunately something that is truley lacking at Balsam St.

Archair - Tiger Cat (ONLY) fan...............

One of my knocks on Montreal the last couple years was the lack of hard work. I even made a post saying Calvillo needed to lay off the doughnuts.

During the broadcast they showed an interview with him and his face was lean and healthy and you can see what a well organized training camp can do. They had bounce in their step, they were confident when closing in and the difference became more pronounced as the game progressed.

As a fitness nut when I read Bellefeuille blame his environment for growing man bo_obs I can't take that seriously. Good on him for taking a hold of his personal health but that has nothing to do with your boss or job or anything. It has to do with Montreal Restaurants and being lazy.

Then you look at Moreno and I can't believe he just came out of training camp.

Funny how Greg Marshall "the tyrant" was the only guy to put together a winning team since Bob's ownership.

Another proof is how succesful players have been after leaving Hamilton the last few years.


What is funny, HfxTC, is that

the 'everybody's a bum' crowd loudly shout out so much
about only the lowlights of any of their targets records,

that little is heard about their accomplisments.

Frankly, I found the piece uplifting and encouraging

especially, the facts about the job
he did for 5 yrs with Saskatchewan.

Bellefeuille knows the challenges he faces, but has never allowed hurdles to overcome his resolve.

The Ticats went 3-15 last season and
have won only 12 games over three years.

But before Bellefeuille went to Saskatchewan
for a five-year tenure

  • the last three as the Roughriders' OC -

that team was 5-13.

Within two years, the Riders reached
back-to- back West Division finals.

Read the article again, HfxTC,

maybe Marcel's reference to the dissension
Jimmy 'pop off' Popp caused as Head Coach
was too subtle for you on first reading.

Ron he didn't accomplish squat in Saskatchewan. In fact after they cleaned house of Bellefeuille, Barrett and Shivers they went on to win a GC with 90% of the same player personel. The Riders consistantly under achieved with Bellefeuille running the offense and consistantly got out coached during big games.

They threw parties in Saskatchewan after he left. And in Montreal Larry Smith said with a big smile and I quote "We didn't want to stand in the way of his carreer"

As far as reading between the lines I sure can and blaming Popp between the lines is exactly what one would expect. Not once as Bellefeuille ever publicly stated he screwed up or could have done things differently. All off season we had to put up with BS in the Montreal Gazette claiming unnamed source...while there is no proof many think he was the source. Actually Herb's incredibly nice article with him is such a contrast with everything he wrote about the Als all winter that it can't be credibly read as being impartial.

What goes around comes around and you can keep this post if you like and beat the hell out of me at season's end if the Ticats turn it around. I hope they do. I am just tired of seeing players roll out of town and go on to winning with other organisations.

Baby steps were not what was promised by this management team. Obilovich said he could improve things by playing with the ratio and bringing in experieced coach.

I will take it, HfxTC, if Marcel Bellefeuille can contribute

to taking us from our 3-15 season to back-to- back
Eastern Division finals in the next two years.

If we don’t win one of those finals and get to ‘The Show’

then, HfxTC, we’ll boot most the coaches out the door
three whole years ahead of when Saskatchewan did
and put our 1999 Grey Cup winning QB in charge

and win the Grey Cup three years after our 3-15 season
not the six years it took the Riders to do it.

Don’t I sound like one of those hard nosed businessmen
who run professional sports franchises today? :smiley:

Yeah I really don't see Taffe getting too involved during the game. Greg Marshall was all over the sideline as coach. There was no question who was in charge with him.

And Marshall looked liked an idiot screaming at everything and his yelling lost him his team.

There's been a lot of chatter on the board about Danny Mac becoming OC or HC but really, why do we think he is fit for the job. He has no experience as a coach or coordinator and it would be a real gamble.

I agree completely. Danny is learning how to be a coach now. Maybe in a few years he can OC after being a full time QB coach, then a few more years become a head coach.

At least he went down fighting. As opposed to try running away in the middle of the night :wink:

If that is still a shot at the WVU thing you can ASSUME all you want. But the story still stands that Taaffe stayed. If he didn't want to he wouldn't have.

I wouldn't be proud if I was Marshall that I went down fighting.He lost the locker room and we know what happened after that.

I agree he couldn't control his emotions and caused his own demise. Just pointing out that at least he cared...