As an Alouette fan I greatly enjoyed the shoot out last week. As the Als are close to finalizing their number one status, I found myself cheering for the Ti Cats.The win, while missing your two first string running backs, was impressive.I am impressed with Bellefeuille. The game before last when your team almost won I noted that your new coach handled himself well on the sidelines.I believe your formar coach had given up on your team. I was impressed by Bellefeuille's supportive attitude particularly towards Porter who had some thing to do with loss. It would appear the relationships between your players and Bellefeuille is positive. Last year MB was raked over the coals often by these posts on I think he was made the scapegoat for the Als difficulties at the time.

You appear to have a QB who can both throw and run. Porter is a big fellow who has been impressive to date and, you also have Printers who has yet to demonstrate what he accomplished with BC. I would recommend you consider your past actions at dumping your head coach every couple of years. This has been one agent of your teams demise over the past few years. Frankly, had your team kept your Canadian coach from McMaster U and, provided him with effective coordinators, I believe he might still be with the team amd you might not have had the malaise of the past years. I hope we have another shoot out this coming weekend..

Personally, I think we'll see Greg Marshall back in the CFL one day and be a very successful coach.

Earl: I agree...if Greg Marshall wants that.
I think with him and this team it was just a matter of bad timing....too early for him and too early in the game for this team under Bob, to make the right decisions on a lot of things.

And hassall....getting rid of Charlie had to be done. I don't think anyone was happy about changing the HC again. That's why I think Marcel may be the best choice. He's young enough to stick around for a few years and create some stability. I hope he is successful enough to stick around.