I'm liking the things I hear about Bellefeuille as head coach. Here's an example from Justin Boone, writer for

[b]The Ticats locker room wasn’t a quiet place after the game on Friday night, in fact just the opposite. Where past losses have sucked the air out of the room post-game, interim head coach Marcel Bellefeuille has done a great job of keeping the players heads high and their focus still on turning these closes losses into wins.

– There’s something about Bellefuille that is infectious. His energy, his passion, his love of the game is filtering down after every instance when he addresses the team. He refused to let veteran long snapper Matt Robichaud shoulder the blame for the team coming up short, pointing out that there are dozens of plays in a football game and that was just one of them. He encouraged the players to bring their families to the players’ lounge following the game and spent some time together as a “family?. It hasn’t translated into wins, but Bellefeuille is doing all the rights things so far.[/b]

It's only been 2 games but Hamilton is playing so much better and with passion. Coach Bellefeuille should not have the "interim" label much longer.

My wife met a Ticat at work Friday afternoon. She asked what the biggest difference was. His answer, practices were different. Shorter, more focus, less monotonous.

Good on Marcel. I wish him and HIS team the very best.

I agree.
He shows enthusiasm on the sidelines and is very positive with the players - a real must when the team is struggling.
And we haven't been flagged for too many challenges or any other infractions based on a lack of understanding of the Canadian game.
I'm quite pleased with the level of coaching.
I hope that he gives Porter a chance to follow up on last week's performance,

I will Agree the Practices are More up Tempo.
Coaches also are Yelling more
when someone Makes an Error .
They Correct it quickly .

Mind you Like see what else is out there for a Head Coach before we give him the Job

As an Offensive coordinator, I questioned his call playing but as a head coach. Even, though a loss is a loss. I`ve noticed a change in the team.

I think Bellefeuille is a much better Head Coach than an OC. Even though this record is hard to take. I like what I see from Bellefeuille. The team is making less errors in the past 2 games. Also, the team seems more organized and prepared.

They are playing looser and with more confidence IMO

Like I said on another post in different words its nice to see a coach not having a look on his face like he was thinking where he was going for dinner after the game.
Marcel looks like he cares and doesn't stand on the sidelines with his hand on his cheek waiting for the game to finish

But he might after a 5-23 record...

He is awake. Thats a big change. He is actually talking on the sidelines to players and appears to be coaching while taafe was snoring.

I don't think they've played any different under the new coach. They've been close before. The rosy fuzzy sentiments will last for a while but soon you will all be calling for his head.

I believe they have played a lot better, so far under the new coach. Less errors, more organization. At times, it looked like Charlie was bewildered. I know that Bellefeuille is only 2 games into it, but he definately seems like he wants to be here, and the players are responding. In both games, we were a play or two from winning.

As far, as calling for his head. I guess that can be applied to any head coach for any professional team based on any teams performance over a certain period of time.
If this team continues to play hard and with respectability, than most ticat fans won`t be calling for his head.

Even though I completely gave up on Taaffe at the time of the Virginia incident and was happy to see him move on, I wasn't very sure that Marcel was anything more than a band aid. I must say so far I'm pleasantly surprised (shocked) with Marcel so far.

This team is changed for sure from what I can see, I don't know much about any coaches but I like what I see.

LMAO Anyone can just dream about coaching this team till they findout what they got themself into and regret it! You bring in the meanest ,scariest guy you ever seen and let the player get his attitude!:wink:

The focus here has to be that Marcel took the Gee Gees from zero to dominance in a very short time. It appears to me that his specialty is teaching young men the difference between being ok and being excellent. He looks like a motivator who brings out the best in those he coaches. I believe we need to take advantage of this strength and let him bring our young guys along as they learn to make the most of their abilities in this game.