Not to mention they can't execute a QB sneak. West Coast Offense LOL!

Two major failures IMO is lack of talent brought to camp by Obilovich and his buddy the "Great Rambo
8) Exactly !!!
 And there lies our major problem, lack of quality players in several positions !!!

Here are some stats I culled from various sources on the net that might help explain.

Yards After 3 quarters:
Passing 142
Rushing 165
net ttl 295

Yards After 4 quarters:
Passing 204
Rushing 211
net ttl 400

So here's what the offence did in the 4th quater:

Passing 62
Rushing 46
net ttl 108

That's a well balanced offence with good production on the air and ground.

Sure Caulley had 10 carries for 99 yards, but you cannot dismiss Richie's 13 carries for 94 yards.

Together they has 23 carries for a whopping 193 yards.

Charles Roberts had the same amount of carries, 23, for 145 yards. The Bombers had three more carries for 5 yards by other players for a team total of 150 yards rushing.

So, it's safe to say that we did not abandon the run in the 4th quarter. We gained 46 yards rushing which projected over 4 quarters would be 184 yards rushing. That's very good.

So, to say Caulley was not used in the 4th is wrong. How mnay of Richie's 13 runs for 94 yards were a result of the fake and drawing the D to Caulley?

That's a great use of Caulley and the Offensive co-ordinator did a good job in my view.

Once again, he offense was terrific with over 400 yards offence (108 in the 4th!)

For crying out loud Richie can sell the fake on hand-off like he did last week and roll out with either the option to pass or run it himself.
Furthermore, in the 4th quarter, Terry Caulley was thrown a pass in the flats that he either dropped or Richie over threw (you can decide).

Also, both Taaffe and Richie stated that Richie goofed on the Tom Canada interception. Both admitted that Richie made the wrong read and was supposed to have handed the ball off to Caulley instead of keeping it for a pass.

The offensive playcalling was not the issue, as results prove, it was costly and illtimed mistakes and lack of pass rush.