Why did we not use Caulley more? ? ? He had almost 100 yards rushing on 10 carries at the end of the 3rd quarter..... which in itself is disgusting that we didn't use him more especially in the 4th quarter when a RB is even more effective and where he didn't get the ball at all. Instead our "brilliant" offensive coordinator decided to start letting Richie develop his abilies as a drop back passer (something new to me and most of the freaking national audience watching). For crying out loud Richie can sell the fake on hand-off like he did last week and roll out with either the option to pass or run it himself. But, no Bellefool or whatever his name is, decides to call plays in the 4th quarter that has Richie in shotgun with no option, play action, or screen pass, just him dropping back in the pocket to throw downfield to an open (not much open) receiver. it's too frustrating talking about it.... everyone in the bar tonight said give it to Caulley on either a fake, screen pass ot etc. I'm done just had to type this out. FRUSTRATING AS HELLLL. the average joe could have called better playssssss. use the weapons you have to their advantage.

If you were the Winnipeg defense, what adjustment would have tried to make deefnsively as the game wore on?

I'd have keyed on Caulley and tried to contain Williams so that he'd stay in the pocket.

Maybe the Winnipeg D had something to do with it?

I don't think the playcalling is easily measurable when there are external forces at work and so many variables in play.

blah, blah, blah

Do you HAVE to repeat yourself over 4 different threads?


Cap’n, that comment wasn’t meant for you. We actually agree an many things. It was for that poor, misguided individual that started this thread.

I'm at a loss how someone can blame play calling when the offense racks up 400 yards in offence, but only scores 17 points, turns the ball over 5 times and gives up 4 sacks.


Well, I can't blame synthcat for being upset. That loss was one tough pill to swallow for any Ti-Cat fan.

The O Line had a lot to do with the lack of rush. Need to learn how to block. Woodard and Thomas has Tom Canada and Gavin Wall in their faces all night.

Lookie up....I haven't seen any screens or shovel passes this year at all. Last year we used more screens, draws and shovel passes to offset the rush.
Just puzzles me why we don't use these plays. I also agree that Williams and Printers both, must use the sprint out options much more. Both have been the most effective using the rb, or faking then sprinting out and either running or throwing. These guys are not drop back QB's. Build the O around their strengths :cowboy:

Yes and last year we had the worst offence in the history of professional football, so what is your point?

We're actually moving the ball this year if anyone hasn't noticed.

This teams weakness is defence and Creehan, not Marcel.

Drexl is right!

The O has improved dramatically!

400 yards of offense against the Bobmbers is terrific. It's a young team and young teams are prone to mistakes and inconsistencies.

Focus on the D.

We have such a good running team I am puzzled who come we can't make the short yardage plays.

Don't be puzzled. My Als couldn't make short-yardage plays under Bellefeuille either.

It's easy to pin in it on one aspect of the team. First it was Casey "the overpaid" quarterback but since we can't pin the losses on him in the games he hasn't played in now it's the offensive coordinator. Or Richie Williams. Or...

It's not one thing. Everybody will make mistakes. We just make too many of them all around. There is not enough talent on the team, YET. The offense is far better than last year. They do move the ball but they're inconsistent. The dropped passes, the fumbles, the lack of pass protection - that's execution. Those are the players mistakes, not the schemes. Make too many of them in a game and eventually it'll break your back. Struggling on third and less than a yard to go is execution.

The receiving corps is a bit improved but we still need a game changer or two. All of our receivers are role players so some of them will have to go next year, even though they actually may have played well. We can't win with a team full of supporting cast players but no star. The running game is great. It's the only area on the team where we are actually the best in the league.

I think it's a rebuilding year and they have made some strides but the team just isn't there yet as a unit.

One thing I will say about the play calling - lose that "jump ball" play to Rodriguez. It's not a play. It's a desperate move. It's a hail mary. If he's open deep streaking down the field throw it. But since his breakout game he's done nothing of significance.

No, Bellefeuille definitely sucks. There's a reason he never sticks anywhere.

The cats have more problems than Bellefeuiile, but getting rid of him would be a terific start to getting this team back on its feet. Everyone in Riderville knows this as we had to take our lumps till he was released.

Practice makes perfect...Problems with execution stem from poor organisation in practice. That's on Taafe

As far as pass protection they looked good last season because they knew where Maas was going to be. With mobile QB's its more difficult for the Oline.

Then there is the lack of talent at receiver postition. They don't have a go to guy for second down and no deep treat to stretch the defensive backfield. Makes it tough... That's on Obilovich. He knew this going in and didn't fix it.

Bellefeuille's offenses are always some of the wors passing offenses in the league. He managed to have one of the worst offenses last season with a HOF quarterback at the helm. No small feat...Better get a strong D if they keep this guy...

Overall this team is improved over last season as a whole mostly because most young guys have another year under them. Knowlton is a keeper, Tre Smith is a good return guy but lousy RB could become very good if he can improve his upper body strenght. You substract Armour and Cody and talent isn't much better then it was last season.

Two major failures IMO is lack of talent brought to camp by Obilovich and his buddy the "Great Rambo" and lack of choice of coordinators available or willing to take on the job in Hamilton.

Team has a lot of nowhere to go but inch at a time...but a yard at a time is what was and his needed.

this cupcake offense is a joke, its time to install a power running game, dual set backfield, with a west-coast passing game.

This is not the NFL.. lol