bellefeuille said " there's going to be a growth period"

Are we prepared for another growth period this year?????????????????????????? :roll: :roll:

Growing pains? Why is it most of the teams looked ready to play on opening day and our team didn't. Maybe we need a coach that knows how to prepare a team for the first game of the season.

Correct me if I'm wrong but that's completely out of context. I believe he had said that in regards to Palardy and/or Rottier not the entire team.

If everyone Remembers Greg Marshall at a good 1st year and then went to pot in his 2nd and 3rd was Fired.

Could Bellefeuille have the same Faith coming ?

The big difference is we over achieved big time that year for Marshall, last year we under achieved and easilly could have won 2 or 3 more games.

Your Correct, But it shows where his mind set is. At this point in time we should be passed this. We should have 1st string players that do not have to be weened for a year before they are capable players.
The mind set he should have is: Either get it together or at best your a backup. :cowboy:

drexl: Excellent observation.
Last year I felt the offensive coaching and play calling were holding us back. I sure hope that changes this season.

last year is over and in about 8 more weeks, ur season will be too. BELEIVE IT.

Once the regular season starts, you play the guys that give you the best chance to win. I hate to single out Rottier, but there's no way he should have remained in the game past half time at the latest IMO.
OK, start the guy and see what he can do, but once it's obvious he's overmatched, there is nothing to be gained by leaving him in there to be embarrassed play after play, especially since Ramsay was dressed and ready to step in.
In the regular season, the goal should be to win football games, not compromise the chance to win by treating the game as a learning session for someone who is not ready to play that position at this level. That's what training camp and practices are for.

Go back under your blue and copper coloured bridge troll.

Troll and Ticat fan stalker. The worst of all the Bomber fans.

Agreed. Most are fine, then childish comments like Killer's is made.

I agree 100%...Now go tell Bellefeuille!!! because I think he may still leave Rottier in next game to give him another
chance and if he fails then but in Ramsay. but we could be down two scores before that happens. :thdn:

Well every team experiences some growing pains every season because there's always a few new guys. Don't see why he needs to make a public statement.

That's kind of a ridiculous excuse considering Winnipeg had more changes than us.

Yes, but the point is that the areas where we struggled are the areas where we made the most changes. The O-line obviously had some trouble and Rottier was playing his first game there. We had a complete overhaul of the secondary so it's going to take some time for them to get it together. Winnipeg cannot maintain that level of play. Especially once Pierce gets hurt.

Well they had to work in a new system a completely new staff, 2 rookie D half backs and a new qb who has to get on the same page with 5 receivers he never played with before and learn a completely new system.

This excuse doesn't hold up, also Rot got manhandled by a guy who's very average and made him look like Charles Haley. The coaches needed to realize he doesn't have the strength to be a pro yet, he has great quickness and agility but his bench reps were very low at the combine and it seems like it's still an issue considering he was constantly tossed aside and beaten with power moves. And people want him to play guard? He'd be steamrolled and put on his back on every play.

Just to clarify, 3 of the 7 sacks came from Hunt off the end on Rottier.

The other 4 came from the interior, 2 by the tackles and 2 from the MLB.

Rottier may have been the weakest link, but he wasn't the only weak link in that line.

We certainly don't need input from a Bummer fan on our own players.

The rest of the line looked like the 95 Baltimore Stallions compared to Rottier, hopefully he keeps his chin up and really bulks up to prove he still is a first overal quality player.