Bellefeuille Quits Sask...Montreal bound

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Saskatchewan offensive coordinator Marcel Bellefeuille is expected to resign in the next few days to accept a coaching position with the Montreal Alouettes.

The 39-year-old, who has spent the past five seasons in Regina, three as coordinator, had drawn significant interest from the Toronto Argonauts as well.

Before joining the Riders in 2001, Bellefeuille was head coach at the University of Ottawa where the Gees Gees won the Vanier Cup.

We can only hope that it's true!

My dog can call better plays than Bellefeuille...... well, I think he can, I just haven't figured out what the barks, scratches and sniffs directly translate to yet.

Now all we need to do is find someone with an imagination to run the offense.... can't be too hard, can it? :slight_smile:

......."all right, c'minhere guys, listen up.....Woof Woof right, Bark Bark Sniff Balls......on two....ready........BREAK"..........

Was that you peeking in my front window last night R&W? Must've been, how else would you know that play???

I'm on to you..... oh yes, I am.....

Could it be as a French Canadian that maybe Bellefeuille is being groomed to replace The Don when her finally retires.

Hmmm, Good for Saskatchewan, many posters wanted to run him out of town.

This will be interesting. If Montreal continues to be successful and Saskatchewan spins their wheels, perhaps it was more than just the Offensive Cord. Only time will tell........Come on June, can't wait for you to get here!

You do realise he is only a recivers coach and not OC
If the Als cared about a French Canadian coach they would have hung on to Machoccia. He is half French Canadain.

Yes, but he has coached the gambit of many positions including three years as an OC with the Riders. At the same token, wasn't there a rumour just after the season how he would be the sacrificial lamb and be let go by Danny. In effect, to save his position. Almost like someone has to be blamed for the season. All I can say you can't make chicken salad from chicken turd. The Riders do not have and will not compete until they sign a real QB.

sask. will not get far with thier current QB situation...look what happened when they played a legit contender in the playoffs....the Als smacked the crap outta them.

sask's QB's can not win a playoff matchup against: edmonton, calgary, toronto or montreal.

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I'm just curious, if he was let go by the Riders, or what exactly happened. Because I am assuming that this will be a pay cut, deefinetly a demotion. I mean he was interviewed for the Esks top job, andI think the Bombers as well. Whatever, I say good riddance.

Now Roy go get a better playbook, and a better QB to run it.

Agree, that's why you would think they will be in the hunt big time if CP signs with BC. With the team trading either CP or DD. Also, the other rumour if Doug Flutie comes back for 1-2 years to the Gades, that would make KJ available. Either way, the Riders will loose a valuable OL from their depth on the line or maybe even Kenton Keith.

I would be willing to lose Keith. He's to injury prone, a terrible role model, and Cory Holmes is a better back.

As far as Bellefueille goes, that's great news and hopefully he takes his 3 play playbook with him. I for one was getting sick of the shotgun draw, hitch pass for a loss, an 7 yard curl on 2 and 10.

don't forget the empty back field qb sneak on short distance.

Maybe so, but the offense only goes and especially in our league as a real QB will take them. It seems to me the short swing passes were due because neither of the two QB's could throw the mid to long range. Plus, your receivers were not a real threat either. What an offensive mess, save and except the OL and Cory Holmes.

Part of our QB's not throwing the mid to long range ball is that they'd attempt it maybe once or twice per game..... not that either QB was really good, but they've got to be able to try it more than that to see any success from it.

And quite honestly, I'm more excited to see the some variation in the running game, giving the backs a chance to run a play where the entire defence doesn't know it's a run would be cool.

Can't wait to see who they put in his position!

I just don't Want Barret to do it. I don't like recalling the days when he was calling the plays.

This guy will be an assistant for Strasser & I really don't panic about anything...

Strasser & McAdoo were signed as Co-OC yesterday in MTL, and they know the Al's system inside-out since they've been with the team for a while...

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I could concur with this. This could be "The Don's" last year in Mount Royal.

LIke mentioned before he is an assistant.
Had they signed him as OC maybe, besides the Don will be here for years to come

if the Als ever get rid of The Don, the Als will sink to the bottom of the standings....both the Argos and Ti-Cats would surpass them.

can u EVER imagine Pinball getting fired...????