Bellefeuille: "It’s all about getting better"

Bellefeuille berated defensive lineman Demonte’ Bolden during practice Thursday after he gave an offensive lineman an extra shot after the whistle.

Bellefeuille’s profanity-laced expression focused on the fact Bolden’s action was a penalty and selfish. He made all the offensive and defensive players involved in the drill run a lap around the field.

“I had an opportunity to make a point and I’d been wanting to make it for two days,? Bellefeuille said after practice. “I told the players when we finished, nothing’s personal. It’s all about getting better.

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I'm liking MB more and more with each season.

i think everyone in the stadium took notice not to be selfish...certainly got my attention, and i loved every second of it!

i must agree, i like MB more every year

As the years have past he got more confident as a Head coach
Still He needs to win ..9 and 9 is not good enough anymore.
Anything less then grey cup Birth is not Enought.

MB is only 1 part of a Grey Cup's ultimately up to the players to perform

MB is only 1 part of a Grey Cup equation…it’s ultimately up to the players to perform

Yes, as a wise man once said: "X's and O's have never tackled anybody".

Very True but it the head coach he normally Pays the Piper