Bellefeuille is useless, who is available to replace him?

I think you guys should keep Marcel for at least the next two games. :lol: :lol: :lol:

We need all the help (and a short field) that we can get!

:lol: :lol:

After that, fire him! :wink: :wink:

Stewie made his post august 3rd... I'm wondering he he would say the same crap today?

I'm waiting to see how the Als play The Lions and Riders before making judgement one way or another. We'll have our answer soon. Beating Hamilton and a Quarterbackless TO Team dosen't tell me this team has improved all that much over the team that lost to the Riders or Bombers.

Crap? When I made that post August 3rd it was very relevant, and I am very comfortable with what I said back then.

I admit though that the offense has improved a lot these last few games. I am still skeptical about Bellefeuille's offense... I think that for his offense to work (like the offense he had in Saskatchewan) it needs a productive running game. It might just be a coincidence, but the offense in general started improving with the emergence of Payton at RB. With a good running game, it is easier for the passing game.

Maybe (and I am hoping it is the case) Bellefeuille's offense is a really good system, but, like any system it needs the right people (a strong RB) for it to work 100%.

But, I am still worried about the lack of production in the second half of games... He gets too conservative with a lead in my opinion.

Yes, I agree that while the offense is improved, there are still a big ol' bunch of question marks hanging over the group.

Can we play 60 minutes of football?

Can we develop a consistent deep-threat receiver?

Can Calvillo survive the year without getting his head blown off by a hit?

On a related note, can our O-line recover from a brutal first half and start protecting the QB better?

Can Payton stay healthy and focused enough to be our rushing threat for the remainder of the season?

Can we develop the killer instinct to crush teams when they're down, instead of letting them back into the game?

Can our OC learn to make halftime adjustments so we don't suck brutally in the second half of every game?

Still lots of questions, folks...