Bellefeuille is useless, who is available to replace him?

Bellefeuille has to go now! He needs to be canned ASAP.

Anyone would be better. Who could potentially replace him? I don't know of many offensive coaches who have CFL experience and are free. I can only think of the eccentric Jenkins (I forgot his first name) who was OC for Matthews in Toronto and who would have been Ottawa's head coach if they had not folded.

He was a passing game maniac, but I am sure he would be better than Bellefeuille.

I'm watching Bellefeuille's prevent offence play Hamilton, the CBC anouncers are gushing over him. They used to do the same thing when he was back in Saskatchewan calling three yard outs on second and ten. They don't seem to have noticed that Calvillo was having much more success before Bellfool started fixing everything that wasn't broken.
Glad you guys got him and not us.

Stewie, no offense, but the constant negativity is wearing a bit thin. And John frickin Jenkins? When we have a stud RB like Payton, you want to hire an OC who doesn't run the ball?

As much as Bellefeuille gets bashed, we have to admit that our offence in the past two games has been much more imaginative. I'm prepared to cut him some slack at this point.

That said, it remains to be seen how we do against better competition. We're on a roll currently, but look who we've beat....a Toronto team with QB issues; a Calgary team with a defence so banged up they had to bring a guy out of retirement to play DT, and now Hamilton who were just dreadful. Next up is BC with their #3 QB.

Bellefeuille's and the team's big tests will be when we get Winnipeg and Saskatchewan again.

I think he's improved as an O/C as the season has progressed, so my #1 priority would be getting some help on the offensive line from NFL cuts. I know they want to go with an all-Canadian line, but we have surplus receivers now, so we can afford to park one (say Bratton, I like Ashlan Davis better)on the reserve list to allow us to dress some new import O-linemen if any good ones become available among NFL cuts.

I agree they haven't beat any elite teams but they did put a lot of points on the scroreboard against Toronto. More then any other team.

I would like them to give Chip Cox a shot as a returner.

I agree it would be nice to get some help on the oline but I don't think anyone coming in at midpoint during the year, especially someone who hasn't played CFL ball would make an impact on the oline.

I would like to see the Als bring in a quick and elusive rb. I like Payton but it would be nice to have a scatback in the lineup.

That scatback’s name is Mike Imoh and he should be ready to return in a few weeks, no?

Let's hope. I'm not sold on Imoh but he did show some nice things and some not so nice.

4 straight wins almost 500 yards last game … wow I can’t even think what more you would like?

Stewie I would like you to replace him, If you can put together a game plan that has your qb with the best comp. rating in the league and put up better numbers than last nights game, then you have my vote my friend


Its not just Stewie that's been hard on Bellefeuille. I have too. Things have certainly improved but even you have to admit that Calvillo now has much more say in the play calling along with the arrival of Thurmon and the return of Watkins improved the picture.

A Bellefeuille offense is still no fun to watch even when the Als win.

Also that offense has generated nothing or next to nothing in the second halves of games for 8 games now! The OC has to take some of the heat for that.
I think we'll have a better picture after the two games against BC.

Were winning but were not playing complete games and at the very least in the playoffs that will be our downfall and part of that problem rests with the OC. In second and 10 a 3 yard pass will only get you a first down if there was horribly blown coverage.

Bellefieulle has found a new play that absolutely drives me nuts that I see the als using way too much considering how useless it has been, the short pass to ashlan davis over the middle just behind the d linemen forcing him to get past all the linebackers and DBs on his own which never gets us more than 1-2 yards. What is the prupose of this play and why do we keep calling it? If you ocmbine all the best attributes of all the best receivers in every football league into onje person and have them run this route and even they wont get more than 1-2 yards from it.

Calvillo has such a high completion rate becasue the vast majority of the passes hes throwing are passes that are only slightly longer than the distance he would have to be at to just hand the ball to the receiver. Last night was a change of pace and he actually threw the ball deep a few times to Thurmon who is actually looking like a deep threat

mada7, I agree that the Davis play is HORRID. If you're going to use someone in that scheme, let it be Payton, a running back who could conceivably bust a few tackles and make that (lame) play work. Davis is a small quick receiver who's most effective when you get him in open space with one-on-one matchups. You don't throw him the ball and ask him to run through the entire D for a first down. Arg.

Agreed. The play itself has possibilities but the personnel has to be changed as discipline suggests.

Bellefeuille... has a QB that has alot of trouble hitting anything over 20 yards this year(any one notice?),so what to do? perhaps draw up a game plan focused on 5 to 15 yard plays, his QB strong points.

"Calvillo now has much more say in the play calling". Was it in a press conference, or the paper? I must of missed it, or is it a friends mothers cousins dog told you?

I feel Bellefeuille has come into this team
with a new approach on how to move the ball and its working.

2nd half stats can't argue there, the D makes adjustments and it seems we don't.

I'm just guessing here but on the 2 yard dump that everyone seems to be so in love with, if AC see's or feels blitz wouldn't that be the rite play to try? personnel has to be changed to Payton? Poor guy just got here and we want him in on every play every down.

Actually it was in a written article and yes Bellefeuille calls the range and Calvillo picks any play he wishes that is in that range. You might also have noticed him reading his arm band :roll:

All you had to say is that your mothers cousins dog's name is Herb. :slight_smile:

I did notice AC looking at his arm but thought he was checking his watch to make sure he made it home in time David Letterman, from what I hear around the water cooler he's a big fan of Dave, I know what your thinking he can just tape it but he likes to watch it live(no one on the team will tell him its pre recorded it would break his heart).

Now what was the topic again? oh ya fire the OC and bring in a new system and have the O line looking like it was at the start of the season... sounds like a game plan if you don't want to make the (in my best Jim Mora voice) PLAYOFFS.

Id rather not make the playoffs this year and know that next year the team will be coming in with a proper offence and coach than give Popp and Bellefieulle the illusion that they know what they are doing and are excellent coaches when this strategy will elad us nowhere in the playoffs.

Popp stayed on as coach because he thought he could coach this team since last year his team coasted into a grey cup appearance. I would rather have a 1-17 season than have Popp and Bellfieulle continue running the show for more than 1 year

I don't like Bellefeuille as an OC but what are they gonna do? Fire him after 5 straight wins? Team is heading West and will start playing some real football teams and we'll see. With BC's injuries at QB anything less then a split... providing the D keeps making plays would prove that this offense is a fake. But maybe then break the Lions backs...

Only way I can see your dream come true is if you convert a Ti-cat fan then you kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

If your not first your last, I hear what your saying mada7, but I would rather be in the playoffs as a under dog year after year with at least a chance to grab the Cup.

He has always looked at his arm band. MB signals a playnumber and AC looks it up on the armband.
That being said, Yes AC does have more say!

Allthough it is getting better. There was one set on downs on Sat. First and 10.......1 yard pass. Second and 9.....1 yard pass.....Third and 8....punt

I'm hoping that's Calvillo escape valve and not an actual read...