Bellefeuille hired by the UFL Nighthawks

from Drew:

[b] • according to this website, former head coach Marcel Bellefeuille has taken a job as the receivers coach with the Omaha Nighthawks of the UFL. I'm still trying to get it confirmed. The head coach of the Nighthawks: former Argos coach Bart Andrus.[/b]

Wow, that's gotta be an awkward pair....yeah sorry helped to cost you your job in Toronto boss, but lets be honest, I'm probably going to take your job pretty soon anyways.

I'm really surprised that a coach like Bellefeuille never got any DC or OC looks up here. Even more surprised he didn't end up in Ottawa, either as a coach for the new team or for the soon to be Carlton Ravens.

Let's bring him back if he knows how to reach into his pocket and grab a flag and toss it on the field. 8)

Marcel was definitely quick to throw the flag on suspect plays. Too bad he's still not here. We could be 4 and 4 right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Checked the team website. Sounds like quite the organization -- here, at the end of August, with an 8-games in 7-week schedule to be played in Sept. & Oct. it looks like the listings may still be all from last year. Included are no less than 13 coaches, at least two relatives of "The Count" on the staff, and Nick Hennessey as one of their players.

:lol: ah yes to be 500!!

According to the website provided, Omaha was looking for a "Volunteer wide receivers coach". Maybe he was just bored sitting around collecting a cheque for being the Ticats scapegoat. :roll:

If Bellefeuille is in Omaha strictly as a "Volunteer", then perhaps that would make him still eligible to keep collecting his Hamilton paycheques. Meanwhile, I honestly believe that Bellefeuille is just biding his time until he gets a chance to apply for a position with the new Ottawa franchise. It may not be the Head Coach position, but I can see him doing something with that team. I'm also hoping that Greg Marshall (2nd edition) ends up working for that team as well (speculation is also rampant that Paul LaPolice will apply for Ottawa too). Perhaps a reunion of sorts is in the cards for these guys! It's gotta be better than working under Bart Andrus!! :wink:

It'll be very interesting how Ottawa gets out of the gate when they get back, for the first few years, and do some payback to teams that cut or released the players/coaches from other teams. Very interesting.

Better than being .375.