Bellefeuille fired



I do feel bad for the guy, but I it was something that had to be done.

Thank God
I extremely happy to see him go. I don't care how good of a guy you think he was this is business and he wasn't getting it done.

No one takes joy…as in Christmas joy or the joy of your first born child.

Coaches are hired to fired.

Some are better than others and when that occurs, you get fired.

Agreed. Thanks for everything you did here, Marcel. Our team is also a better team as you walk out those gates. All the best.

Well, we're screwed now...

This isn't about how much class you have, how nice of a guy you are or how often you talked to the fans, Marcel had a job and that was to get this team to win. He failed at this over and over again.

So what makes a great player, a great HC - using the Little General as an example? How about a guy that played under him for many years - Danny Mac. Lancaster went from player, to player-coach, to head coach of the Green Riders. |

McManus is already a part of the Cats, but does he think about head coaching? I'd love to know.

Nobody is going to disagree with you that that is the way things go and yes, he had a job to do. The original response was about class more than a question of whether he shouldn't have been fired.

Another Canadian? We have tried two - time to look elsewhere.

How about Dave Dickenson? Scoop him up as a HC before someone else does. He's already being groomed for that and I don't believe D-Mac wants to be a HC, he's more management oriented.

Definitely need an offensive minded head coach.

Look at the guys who have been successful as of late.

Hufnagel, Trestman, Miller, LaPolice.

All former offensive players/offensive co-ordinators

What does it matter if he's Canadian or not?

It shouldn't, it should be about getting the best coach. A few years ago they went after the most successful CIS coach and that didn't work out, then we went after MB who was a succesful assistant. Maybe we should be looking at someone who is a motivational guy like Pinball Clemons.

I’m very sorry to see Coach Marcel go. I liked him as a coach and think he is a good person. I believe he made a contribution in his time here. I wish him every success in the future. I hope he lands another job soon.

Thanks Coach Marcel, and all the best.

Better late than never.
And, two great things, for this team and its fans, occurred with the one Ti-Cat media release today -- the second being the re-appearance of Bob O'Billovich, at least in quote, after being (kept, I believe) M.I.A. for so long.

I think Tim Burke of Winnipeg or Mike Benevedis of BC will be our new coach. Just a hunch. Would love to see Burke come here and recreate that nasty defense he had in Winnipeg.


I am not surprised by this move at all. This team needs to move forward, not find new ways to stay in neutral.

Oski Wee Wee,


According to Perry Lefko, Marcel could be headed to Winnipeg to become the new OC there....

What about Buono? LOL :wink:

We need a good coach, someone who can keep his coordinators accountable in all phases and can command the respect of the men in the room. I prefer defensive-minded head coaches, but the point is that whoever the Cats hire, that guy has to bring in a solid staff and mold an identity for this club on offense and defense. That means coordinators and play callers who are consistent and can make the adjustments in-game to win. We have not had this in many years. We are due!

Oski Wee Wee,