Bellefeuille fired

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Confirmed by Drew Edwards

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I am ecstatic right now!

Been calling for this since Week 1

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that Marcel Bellefeuille has been relieved of his duties as head coach.

“We would like to thank Coach Bellefeuille for his efforts during his time with our organization. He represented the Tiger-Cats with pride and passion, and has left the organization in a much better place than when he started with us. However, we feel this move is necessary in order to reach our ultimate goal of winning a Grey Cup,? said General Manager Bob O’Billovich.

Official press release: ... ing-duties should have been after the Argo loss last year!

Wow, wasn't expecting this but onwards we go!

Any word on a replacement?

Should not have been a surprise IMO. Marcel wasn't able to get Hamilton over the hump. My feeling is that because he was never a good coordinator, he was not an effective supervisor of his own coordinators. Bellefeuille's offenses, historically, were not successes in the CFL (SSK, MTL, HAM) -- why would he be able to then fix the Cats' offense under Khari Jones?

Wide open is the question of who replaces him. Lots of coaching vacancies this season and not many experienced candidates.

Good move.

On the note I posted above, I would like to thank Coach Bellefeuille personally for everything you did for the Ti-Cat organization. You brought us to the Eastern Finial and that hasnt been done in 11 years! I feel this was totally wrong in letting you go, when you brought us that far in 2011! Thanks again Coach for always taken the time to talk to me and commentting on the great photo's I have taken. Not to often a Professional Head Coach give me a compliment as you did!

I'm not sure how anyone can take delight in someone getting fired. Bellefeuille represented the TiCats with class and passion. However, he never seemed to have control over the club, couldn't make in-game adjustments, and too many times the team looked unprepared. IMHO he'll make a great CIS coach. Good luck to him.

Chamblin has to be one of the candidates for the HC job. As others have said, there are many vacancies with not many candidates in the public eye at the moment. Maybe another Trestman is lurking down south.

Why does Chamblin HAVE to be one of the top candidates (here, or anywhere else). At the end of last season, he was a DB coach. 1 year at the helm of a sub par defensive unit, does not qualify him for a head coaching position in my mind

I agree with you.

Did not see that one coming. Too bad. He seemed like a nice man.

With a new stadium in 2014 the time to make the change is now.

Chamblin seems to be a hot prospect ... by hiring him for the post perhaps some of the position coaches keep their jobs and the program remains somewhat intact?

Marcel never seemed to be able to motivate the team ... his pre-game speeches were less than inspiring.

Defensive coaching wasn't a problem in 2011. We had a practically new Secondary lineup every game. If the Offense was able to sustain drives we'd have won a couple more games and who knows what could have happened.

Chamblin is a candidate but I've yet to see anyone declare his unchallenged ascendancy.

Because no athlete or coach is a human being to most people around here.

I like Coach B and appreciate everything he has done for us. I think he's very obviously been made the fall guy for something that wasn't entirely his fault and I'm sorry to see him go. Whether the masses believe it or not. Beating MTL at home in the Semi did mean that there was improvement over last year. He has always been a class guy and I truly do wish him all the best.

Interesting to see who gets the job. I don't think any of our current coaching staff should be the head coach. As mentioned, Chamblin doesn't have the experience and he really hasn't proven anything to me yet.

When a sports team is inconsistent it's usually a sign the coach doesn't have control. At the pro level the HC doesn't need to give inspirational pre-game speeches (see Buono, Trestman) but the players have to buy in to his vision and competence to manage the game. IMHO the TiCats players didn't follow Marcel as a leader. I think his skills would be better suited to the CIS.

When Marshall was hired as HC many immediately condemned the move and I suppose were right. However, had that move worked it would have been brilliant. The killer was Taafe who was a great coordinator in Montreal but looked completely lost here as HC. Marcel was a mediocre coordinator, but I think his passport got him the job here more than his record.

Hopefully the TiCats have learned enough lessons; will hire the best available candidate and surround him with the best resources and support. Coaching is more critical in football than any other sport I can think of. There is enough potential among the 2011 TiCats players to win the 2012 Grey Cup, but it has to be managed and controlled properly.

Good move! I wonder if Obie has someone in mind to take over the head coaching position.

IMHO this move had to be made. I suppose to complicate things, either Obie or the new HC

will now have to make decisions on whether or not to keep the assistant coaches.

Personally, I am neither a fan of Jones nor Chamblin.

I'm wondering if this move is partly because of what the Argos are doing???

Although many people think that MB should be fired no matter what, with performance this year and previous 3 years, etc.

But I'm think Obie feels pressured to do so more now that Argos are adding a lot of talent on their staff....

Thank you coach Bellefeuille for all you've given the Tiger-Cats and for turning us around to a respectable team.

The question now becomes, who is our next head coach?