Bellefeuille Doesn't See It

It appears the coach has pegged Glenn as the problem with the offence. After 4 games, he's tuned in to the fact that the QB is off target on the long passes -- something that's been well pointed out since Game 1 in this forum.

Coach: If you want to see what the problem is ..... stand beside your OC ....... in front of a mirror!

8) The latest QB controversy threads should be starting shortly on this site !! :roll:

Drew's title of that article may draw the ire of Coach Marcel

Who gets the start?

Bellefeuille wants guys with 'mettle' who can win big games

July 24, 2010 Drew Edwards

The Hamilton Spectator

After sober reflection Marcel won't change starting QBs.

The Als Defence had a lot to do with Kevin having only a 50% completion rate
for this one game after having achieved an 80% completion rate up to now.

That will show up in the game film.

Here is Ticat head coach Marcel Bellefeuille's very indirect answer

to an extremely straightforward question:

will Kevin Glenn be the starting quarterback next week?

"I'm going to look at everything that we're doing, evaluate the film and
find the best line up we can to go into Saskatchewan," Bellefeuille said.

He said that all last year after every one of Quinton Porter's starts.
...lack of execution against a Montreal secondary that came into the game having given up the most passing yards in the league, has Bellefeuille concerned.

"We threw the ball long down the field eight times against them,
and came away with zero. That's frustrating," Bellefeuille said.

"The challenge is that coaches put players in
position to make plays and they didn't get made."

Montreal's defensive coaches put their players in position
to make plays, and they made more of them than we did.

Did anyone see the passion Toronto's coach had going on last night??/ Maybe Bellefeuille could wake up and see what the hell is going on....His defence is doing OK seeing they are on the field all night...Glenn is an excellent off the bench quarterback...likely alot better if someone,somewhere could call a few good plays....By now I hope the offensive coaching staff have cleaned out their lockers and given back their paychecks...they have been calling plays like we did in senior grammer school...who in their right mind hired those bozos????? Boy is Calgary ever laughing now over DeAngelis...I saw in an earlier post that Calgary "claimed" to have offered him more money than one is going to believe that crap...they are well glad to be rid of him and hire some high-school kid ...he'll do as well...Running backs ?? I bet we could get Lumsden cheap for those really important yards...a 2nd shot might keep him healthy.

That's not passion. That's a guy losing it on the sidelines. In the long run it'll get him in trouble by alienating players. I don't want to see MB tossing water coolers around on the sidelines, but neither do I like to see him applaud his players returning to the sidelines after embarrassing themselves. Of course the solution would be for the club to create a new postion and hire a guy to do just that. A guy to stand on the sideline and yell at bad players as they're coming off the field. :roll:

I agree. You don't want to go nuts on the sidelines all the time. But... and here's the but.... a coach sometimes needs to judge what will put a fire under his players. Bellefeuille in my opinion is to subdued. If you have ever coached you will often see a team reflect the personality of its coach and that's what I'm seeing here in Hamilton.

The last thing Bellefeuille will see is that he made a bonehead move with Gibson. Naked dive plays with one person in the backfield on 3rd and 2 .

Ugggh, MB must have a key interest in throwing the season away.IT'S NOT KG's FAULT, BUT HEY WHAT THE HELL!LET'S STICK PORTER IN, LOSE 5 IN A ROW AND THEN DECIDE TO MAKE A FEW ROSTER MOVES!!!! :roll:

This QB waffling is where I really feel that Marcel displays his inability to be a proper leader of men.

What is the priority of the Tiger-Cats this season? To win games or to develop Quinton Porter? I thought this season was supposed to be about winning. Not development, not building for the future -- winning in the here and now. And if winning is the objective, you cannot tell me that Quinton Porter is a better option under center, at this point in time, than Kevin Glenn. Sure, he can throw a nice deep ball, and he can make plays with his feet. If that's all you want out of your starting QB, I believe Michael Bishop is still available. Nobody wins championships with a QB who can't go through his reads and whose only hope of scoring and moving the chains is bombing the ball down field regardless of coverage or taking off with the rock himself because he doesn't see the field well enough to check down.

Porter may well become a great starting QB in the future, but that time is not now. He doesn't read the field well, he gets happy feet too easily in the pocket, he tends to lock into certain receivers, and based on what I've seen of him, he is vulnerable to being picked off in the middle of the field (Emry's interception last week wasn't the first time a linebacker has picked him off in that zone). Why, after a few early losses, is Bellefeuille so willing to throw in the towel on Kevin Glenn, who had just come off shredding Winnipeg the week before? Either Kevin is your guy and you ride him through his dips in performance, or he isn't and you turn the keys over to Porter. But stop with this flip-flop act. It's not helping the situation at all.

This is BS.This season was supposed to be a season where we were one of the favourite's to win the grey cup.But now we're back to square one.Our OL and ST is imploding, so it must be Kevin Glenn's fault.Let's start Porter and that should make us go 10-0 over the next while with ease! :roll:

I can't tell you how much this sickens me.They know Porter won't be ready for another year or two but they insist on throwing games away to develop him.And it IS throwing games away because he fumbles like there's no tomorrow, locks on one WR, throw's more INT's than TD's, and ultimately takes forever and a day to make his reads, thus drastically raising the sack total of the opposing team.Words can't express how furious I am with MB and Obie right now.

Well said. I don't believe Kevin Glenn threw a pick all game.

In all fairness, KG got lucky, he should've had two.One on a throw near the goal line that hit a MTL defer right in the middle of the back and another that was in the hands of a MTL defer but Mann managed to rip it out.But still, given a full game Porter would've been sacked like 6x at least, fumbled 2x, INT'd 3x so yeah...Expect a loss if Porter starts, it was gunna be hard enough to win with Glenn in.

Agreed, we fans should expect a loss against the melon heads with either QB. This is the kind of game the team needs to believe they can surprise us. Sadly neither Glenn or Porter can succeed with this coaching staff. Many of QP's problems of last year are showing up in Glenn's game as well. Its really not the QB this year, it may have been last year. This OC sets up his QB to fail

The season was lost by and when whomever decided that Palardy is a CFL kicker. Please.

I frankly have never seen a more curious move by the Ticats in my life although you can find a few other gems in that department. Palardy gives you a short field and he wouldn't even be hoofing them 25 yards past the line of scrimmage without the benefit of the roll. Somebody mucked up and needs to rectify this ASAP. Man, Marcel subscribes to the Christian parable of the House Built on The Sand, but what do you call a punter that puts your defence in the whole and is good for one blocked punt resulting in 6 points the other way? Get off Glenn, MB. It's Palardy who killing you. You just have to take one look at the guy even if you know nothing about football, he does not even remotely resemble a punter prototype. It's hillarious, really. Absolutely hillarious.

Palardy lost the game for us???????? Wow. just wow. BTW on the block nobody blocked the rusher, it was clearly a blocking issue not a punter issue. Can't see that as a Glenn or MB issue nor have I seen it suggested. The fact is the offence was brutal, somebody has to take the blame. That somebody is not the punter

He takes too much time and is a tax on the defense. He's NOT any good. Not even close.

Whatever. I think he's OK but certainly we could do better and last time I checked the punter doesn't run the offense. He also cannot get the ball of if he has no time. Every punter in the CFL would have had a problem on that play

:thup: Beswick looked like he actually moved out of he way for the rusher. That was pretty bad!

You just can't have a lingering situation where you have a punter you can improve on. It's mindboggling to me that they're willing to tolerate it. But then if we had a guy who can boom them 50 yards the coverage wouldn't get down field fast enough to head off the 15 yards of running momentum the returner would have. Speed is measured by you slowest guy and the ST are slow as molasses. Montreal's ST were getting downfield before our returner could head up 5 yards but consistently, Ticat ST were allowing the returners 15, 20 yards before they even got within view of the camera. :thdn:

McCallum and Boreham are worse :roll: