Bellefeuille and Obie safe.

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While there will be departures from the Ticat team that lost the Eastern semifinal in such devastating fashion Sunday, head coach Marcel Bellefeuille will not be among them.

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Sorry, I tried to stay away from any negative threads so I missed that.

No need to apolgise.

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Please tell me it's not so.....did they watch a different game?? My husband talked me into becoming a football fan (TiCats) ...and one thing I have seen is that we are out-coached all the we watched sunday's game my husband pre-called the offence all game and even called the last stupid play....if he can do it then I think a professional defensive coach could....there was only one play at the end was for Glenn to run around the end and slide for a few yards and set up the field goal try with only a couple of seconds on the clock...but not a highschool mistake like what happened (if you must throw then have your player the only one able to catch at his feet) !! The turnovers were costly but we should have been able to play through them...I'm sorry MB looks like a nice guy but just is no head coach...Glenn could be great but for all his years he has had that damn "choke" factor at every husband is going to kill me but as long as the football bosses ( not Obie ) in Hamilton stays the same I'm leaning towards Montreal.

pigskin: I'd say you and your husband have it right.
But the reality is that we may have to settle for Mike Gibson's departure only. We'll then have to keep our fingers crossed next season and hope that Mike Gibson was the real reason for our inconsistent offense over the past two years.

What's this witch-hunt after the coaches?

We lost because we gave up the ball on turnovers 5 to the Argos 1.

As anyone who follows football knows, whichever team wins the turnover stat normally wins the game. When one team wins the turnover stat by a 5 to 1 ratio that team almost -always- wins.

The coaches didn't fumble. So this loss cannot be pinned on the coaches.

That is not to excuse the loss - we have to get better, and we will.

The last call alone puts this one on the coaches.
Did anyone leave the stadium or turn the tv off after the first 4 turnovers?
Did the coaches just give up, knowing that since we lost the turnover battle, the game was lost? wasn't over until the mistake made by the COACH.

And why should the coaches be absolved of any blame, regardless?

The great coaches are the ones who WIN even though they LOSE the turnover battle.....anyone can lose...

I'm not after the coaches heads, but they need to stand up and accept that a grave error was made on that last's a team game, and they let their team down but seem unwilling to accept any responsibility for it.

Good point...I guess we will have to settle for Gibson's exit...MB will improve with time ( we hope )...but how long is too long?

I don't think that last call was a mistake by the coach. It was a good call that was badly executed. Ticats fans have been complaining about DeAngelis all season - does anyone think that going for a 48 yard FG would have been a sure thing? I doubt it. The Ticats had 16 yards rushing in the entire game. Do you really think rushing the ball would have helped with their position on the field. If the coach called a run play and there had been a bad hand-off causing a fumble or the RB was tackled behind the LOS people would probably be saying that was a bad call too. Bellefeuille wanted to try a FG from within the 40 and the only way to do that when you've only got 10 seconds on the clock was by passing the ball.

pigskin wrote:

                 "Good point...I guess we will have to settle for Gibson's exit...MB will improve with time ( we hope )...but how long is too long?"

pigskin: I can live with Marcel as HC in 2011 but I hope he has a new OC. I really believe the team has not been served well by the play calling and offensive game planning over the past two years.
I want Marcel to succeed. He is determined and works hard. Greg Marshall has served him well and Marcel deserves to get credit for that. But I would like to see how Marcel handles the team with a different OC.

For the most part, I have to agree with this. It’s always kind of irritated me that the coaches bear the brunt of the blame when it is a lack of execution and mistakes that killed us. That is not to say that some of the “mistakes” couldn’t be attributed to a lack of preparation, but fumbles and interceptions are absolutely not the coaches’ fault. I do think that there is one coach who just didn’t cut it and I’m pretty sure we have all commented on it. I’ve had some major concerns with the offensive play-calling. Coach Marshall has done a great job and I think out D would have been even better if our secondary hadn’t been a game of “tag” with the injuries. Special teams had major improvement. I believe we have most of the players we need to make a serious run at it, but we do need a new OC, IMO.

Interesting; in this article from the Edmonton Journal, they list 11 potential candidates for the head coaching vacancy in Edmonton, and on that list is none other than . . . Mike Gibson !

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And no Greg Marshall.

Take Gibson. PLEASE


You almost made me snarf my coffee all over my keyboard!

Am willing to contribute to plane ticket for Gibson.

Check out the new video on the Scratching Post. Reporters talking to reporters...but that's OK because Drew is talking to Steve Milton:

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Steve is saying what's been said on this forum about the problems we have had this season. He knows his defence too.

We've had the same issues with Gibson win or lose. The fact is that his unimaginative offense has cost us more than one game. I don't have a problem with the rest of the staff but he either has to change or leave in order for the team to get better. 6 running attempts the entire game is all on him. Thats losing football

There is no witch-hunt for Gibson. The facts speak for themself. There is only 2 games out of the entire season where Gibson mixed it up a bit and found a way to somewhat suprise the oppossion. This team will never go forward if Obie thinks Marcel has hand picked Gibson as a quality Offernsive Coordinator. If the fans in the stands can call the plays well before they happen, what do you think the defence is thinking? Give me a break, the run sets up the pass - the run is very handy at any time in the season especially in November. I beleive Bob should sit down with Obie and Marcel and say - you have this year 2011 to fix this situation or you are both Gondy.................... Look how fast it took the pink team in the Big Smoke to turn the sinking ship around. Coaching - some game planning - play calls - enthuastizim ( go figure ) discipline - and last but not least TALENT - something the Cats have very little off going in to Training Camp 2011 - Just for once surprise me and get it all together.