Bellefeuille a coach of the year finalist

From Drew Edward’s blog:

"This was released by the Ticats this morning:

Hamilton, Ontario - Hamilton Tiger-Cats Head Coach Marcel Bellefeuille has been nominated as a finalist for the 2009 Canadian Football League Coach of the Year Award.

In his first full season as a head coach, Bellefeuille guided the Ticats to a 9-9 record, second place in the East Division and a home playoff game.

“It is an honour to be recognized with this nomination and to be mentioned in the same category as the other two candidates,” said Bellefeuille. “I would like to thank the entire organization and my coaching staff as this is a reflection of everyone’s hard work.”

Bellefeuille was officially named the 20th head coach in team history on October 27, 2008 after taking over the team on an interim basis a month earlier. He originally joined the Black and Gold as offensive coordinator on December 19, 2007.

“We congratulate Coach Bellefeuille on his nomination in his first season as our head coach,” said General Manager Bob O’Billovich. “We look forward to even more success this season and in the future with him leading the team.”

Saskatchewan’s Ken Miller and Montreal’s Marc Trestman are also nominated.

The Coach of the Year Award will presented at a luncheon on Friday, March 5th at the conclusion of the annual CFL Congress meetings in Edmonton. The three finalists were nominated by 50 voting members of the Football Reporters of Canada."

No...I am not trolling......I'm not going to do that this year....BUT

There is absolutely no way that anyone is beating Mr. Trestman this year. Marcel dis a good job, but certainly he can be mentioned in the setence as Trestman and Miller.

this award is for the regular season only, correct?

I wonder if it was a toss-up for the last finalist between Marcel and Coach Kelly ( the media and fan favorite in Winnipeg) :roll: ...we only edged them out for the play-off spot :lol:

Marcel really doesn't want the "coach of the year " seems to be the "kiss of death" :wink:

Take us to the Grey Cup and Win IT! Then accept the "Coach Of The Year" :thup:

The reason we "only edged out" Winnipeg for a playoff spot is because Bellefuelle was trying to develop a very young, very inexperienced Porter...something that Miller and Trestman weren't as challenged to do.

How can they include him on this list when he stuck with an inferior qb all season and had an attitude like he didnt care about winning.

I Like Coach Bellefeuille that Award is Cursed .... I hope we don't get it

The Last Tigercats Coach to get it was Greg Marshall Fired....
Here is History of the Award from 2000 to 2007

2000 Charlie Taffe Montreal Alouettes Left Town to Take Job in NCAA
Came back to CFL With Ticats Fired.... Back in NCAA

2001 Dave Ritchie Winnipeg Blue Bombers Fired....

2003 Tom Higgins Edmonton Eskimos Fired....
2004 Greg Marshall Hamilton Tiger-Cats Fired....
2005 Tom Higgins Calgary Stampeders Fired....
2006 Wally Buono BC Lions Still in BC
2007 Kent Austin Saskatchewan Roughriders Left Town to Take job in NCAA

The last thing we Want He Coach Getting the Award it a Job Killer..
You leave on your own or you get the Axe in Back shortly after winning it

Doug Berry...Fired
Don Matthews..Fired
Mike Kelly...Fired
Matt Dunnigan..Fired
Kent Austin..went to NCAA
Maccoicia..left coaching to focus more on management
Bart Andrus...Fired
Rich Stubler...Fired

All coaches who didnt win the award in the last COUPLE years who left on their own or got the axe in the back.

Its not the award..its the nature of the job

Thank god you didn't troll :roll: .

Are you that insecure? The guy is NOMINATED as A finalist. No award has been given out yet. Still you felt compelled to have to come to the Ti-Cats board, stick your nose in and say he shouldn't be mentioned in the same breath as the mighty Trestman.

If that's not trolling, i don't know what you call it.

MB did a fine job. Bringing a team to .500 and a home playoff spot which no coach was able to do in 5 years is quite an accomplishment. It's a nomination not an inauguration. Why can't you just leave it at that?

I agree that he waited far too long to start Glenn. But.. he did take a team that had back to back 3-15 seasons to 9-9. The team could have easily had 11-12 wins though.

I think he deserves recognition for sure.

I think he lost his way on a rare trip out from under his bridge. :slight_smile:

looks like a troll, talks like a troll..........................its a troll :lol:

Cute Guys...

This has nothing to do with the Als....or which team I cheer for.

Let me get it straight though, you guys are saying that MB deserves to be on the short list?

Lets not forget that it's Kavis Reed and the unnamed player who won the cup for the Als. If not for that flag your Als would be consecutive cup losers. Just keeping things in perspective. The Als have a long history of not being good enough when it really counts. They almost weren't good enough again this last cup.

Marcel greatly improved a team where as Mark simply made one a tad better than it already was.

zensate makes a good point. The award is for coach of the year, not team of the year.


Its a lot easier to improve on a team that is dead last than it is to improve on that is on top

Greatly is open to a interpretation. After all, a .500 record is OK when compared to 3-15, and shows progress but really isn't that noteworthy.

a tad? the stats ...

OK lets leave Trestman out of it .......if you match MB against Miller you gonna pick Miller?

You gotta support your team but lets be realistic about it

Its a darn shame kelly wasnt a finalest to :stuck_out_tongue: I think if there was a GM award of the year Obie would win it with ease! He's in year 3 of his 4 year plan

If there was a GM of the year award, Obie WOULD be a contender.