Marcel Bellefeuille will be gone at the end of the season. Hopefully Danny Mac replaces Marcel. At the end of the season Bellefeuille is gone and all we are left with is looking for a head coach. It's a good move and should help the team win a few games before the end of the season. Might help to keep Lumsden around for next year. With Danny Mac in as OC it should help rejuvinate Printers.... Creehan will likely get the boot at the end of the season as well.

Should've waited for the end of the season -- though I suppose this decision was inevitable.

It was always a question of 'when', not 'if'. I'm surprised he hung on this long.

An Argo-Cat fan

Here's my thinking:

To have such a dominant run game proves that the O-lineman are performing very well in that regard.

I find it hard to believe that the line can be so good at one aspect of their responsibilities and so poor at another (pass blocking)

I'm thinking it's the offensive scheme that allows the opposing defensive fronts to feast on us.

No rolling out, no moving pocket. It looks like a static NFL drop back type of passing scheme. Remember Casey's MOP year in B.C. in whihc he continually threw on the run very successfully. Look at Bishop move all over th palce in Saskatchewan after two games.

Others have mentioned that good coaches exploit the strengths of their best players and adjust game plans and coaching to that, rather than trying to reshape a player to adapt to a coach's philosophy.

An example would be Tracy Ham in Toronto having limited suceess and then moving on to Baltimore where Don Matthews allowed him to flourish by letting him do what he did best.

As I said before, it would be cool to see Danny design and imnplement a passing scheme to compelement Marcel's dominant running game.

If they waited until the end of the season, Cats would not have won another game and there would be no one left in the stands for this year or next year. They have to end on a positive note and by getting rid of Taaffe and hopefully eliminating Bellefeuille's influence on the offence, the Cats have a chance to finish on a more positive note.

Same here.

I'm guessing Marcel retains it.

Ok, so now you've fired this head coach.

Next year's head coach will have to evaluate the players and then make changes, another 4 and 14 year and at the beginning of the following year all of you will scream for him to be fired.

the merry-go-round continues

Captain...schemes have been a huge issue for our pass protection. As an example, we simply seem incapable of handling a safety blitz. We never make teams pay for blitzing, and our QB's end up on thier butt. The blame can likely be spread around; coaches, QB for not making the hot read, receivers for not making the hot read, and missed blocks. But I agree, to place all of the blame on the O-line is simplistic. Having said that, many lineman are good as run blockers(power based) but struggle with pass protection where foot speed and technique are key.

Does not Marcel Bellefeuille have a history of running strong running games and weak passing games?

If so, then he should be retained for his running schemes and have someone else design the passing offense.

Should be an interesting CASEY PRINTERS Show tonight on CHML...

The team was obviously ill-prepared for the BC game, and Taaffe's flippant attitude about the Ticats making the playoffs when asked about it after the game was completely unprofessional. No wonder the team lacks direction and has no confidence. Look at who they are listening to for pep talks. Furthermore, Taaffe obviously took his job less seriously than a head coach of a bad team should, as evidenced by his many "jokes" when being interviewed at press conferences before games and when being interviews on local TV. And his coaching blunders against the Argos on Labour Day were just brutal decisions that a coach of his experience should never have made.

I honestly thought Taaffe would be the right guy for the job in 2008, but looking back on his performance, one has to think he was halfhearted about the whole thing, and that he never really wanted to be in Hamilton in the first place (ie. the West Virginia job offer took away his focus from where it should have been).

Maybe the offence will change for the better now that Bellefuelle gets bumped upstairs. One would think that Danny Mac will get a promotion to OC.

I like the move however the only thing that bothers me is if the Cats keep hiring & firing coaches & Cordinators then no 'great' coach will ever be willing to waste his time with coming to Hamilton.

I don't know if this was a good move?holy sheep shit! :?

Why does everyone think that Danny will make such a good OC? He has zero experience, just because he was a great QB doesn't mean that he'll be a great OC.

Long term guaranteed $$$$ have a way of attracting people. Charlie trots off to the US with a nice salary through next season. But your point is valid. It's going to take some selling to convince coaches (and players) that Hamilton is a destination of choice. One thing to consider is the number of personal connections Obie has. Personal connections are usually a big factor in the recruitment process.

I can't see anyone wanting to come here knowing that they aren't going to be given the time with an inexperienced team.

Part of the problem has been the fact that the team cannot execute pass protection adjustments at certain times during the game when they are made AT ALL. The fact we have not had extra protection (i.e. a two-back set with a blocking FB) when IT IS OBVIOUS that the team cannot block properly out of the five-WR set is the responsibility of the offensive coordinator and ultimately the head coach.

IF ONE PYLON CANNOT BLOCK, MIGHT AS WELL HAVE TWO AT WORST. Make it a slalom to the QB, but do not abandon your pivot to having two or more onrushing opponents and receivers who cannot adjust their routes correctly.

It is a dynamic between lack of talent and coaching errors. If you cannot attempt to minimize your shortcomings via preparation and adjustments, you get what happened to Charlie. The end.

Did I call for Taaffe's head? No, but I am clearly open to the change that has occurred. The immediate options to replace him don't jump out at me as no-brainers...

Do I expect Bellefeuille to turn this around? No, frankly. He's part of the problem. Interim coaches historically don't work so well. What the changes does do is signal that Charlie won't be the lame duck now and that evaluations will be made. Marcel has until November 2 to earn his stripes.

Oski Wee Wee,

Whats your source that says "Players and coaches" breathing a sigh of relief ????MAYBE THEY ARE NOT!

O.k Charlie is gone now. It didnt work out. I have total faith in Obie. He knows what hes doing! Bellefeiulle is just an interim coach until the end of the season. In the meantime, I`m sure that Obie with look for qualified and talented coaches to come in for next year.

When he gets those coaches set. There will be no more revolving doors when it comes to the coaching staff.

I know that Obie will turn this football club back to respectability.