Charile has been fired. Marcel Bellefeille has been named interim HC until the end of the year.

News will be released this afternoon.

Players and coaches on both sides of the ball are breathing a deep sigh of relief. Charlie was becoming increasingly difficult to work for and be around. Change had to be made. Everyone likes MB.

Is it April 1 already

Gimmie a break dude....what is your source?...are you Ecklund's son?

You got what you wanted. Have fun.


This should be interesting.
Who gets what job.

Oh my my,

Here it is from Ken Peter's blog

Cats fire Charlie Taaffe
The Tiger-Cats fired head coach Charlie Taaffe Monday morning.
President Scott Mitchell just confirmed the dismissal to me.
Offensive co-ordinator Marcel Bellefeuille has been named the interim head coach and is expected to complete the season.
It's probably a surprise to no one given that Taaffe had an overall record of 5-21 and was 2-8 this season.
Still, as I argued last week, I think blowing the thing apart again is the wrong move. I guess the fact that the Cats failed to show up in their 35-12 blow-out on Saturday was the final straw.
Cats will hold a media conference at 1 p.m. Monday.
More later.

I think that I would have rather seen Marcel Bellefeuille fired than Taffe. He was only as good as those under him and ........ this is a big step backwards IMO I'd rather have seen Dave Ritchie or Obi take over given Taffes dismissal.

Great, each year about this time we get rid of 50% of our team…

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According to the Globe and Mail, Charlie Taaffe has been fired by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

The report indicates offensive co-ordinator Marcel Bellefeuille will take over the reigns in a move to be announced at a news conference later on Monday.

The move comes on the heels of a 35-12 loos to the B.C. Linos at Ivor Wynne Stadium. In the loss, running back Jesse Lumseden carried the ball three times for just 20 yards.

At 2-8, the Tiger-Cats are tied with the Winniopeg Blue Bombers for the worst record in the CFL.

So much for "no accountability" .What's the new catch-phrase now??

Step right up, Mr. Bellefeille, you're the new Head Punchingbag.

Yep !

And now I'll go to my first game this season.

hopefully this gets him far away from calling offensive plays.

Not the decision I would have made.. but I am also not surprised... though I am rather nervous to find out that Marcel Bellefeuille will be taking over.


First off, the defence has let this team down the most. For many games, the offence has had very good production. Production that should have been good enough to win.

However, Marcel's dominating run game overshadows the ineffective passing game.

Ideally, it would be neat to see Danny develop the passing game to complement Marcel's running game.

Woodard gets cut, the O-line gets revamped and has its worst game of the season. If that's Obie's fault, then I really feel sorry for Charlie, but I'm sure he's fully aware of the nature of the beast, and while I'm also sure he's diappointed, I don't think he's surprised.

BTW, what happenend to the end of the season evaluation?

My friend went to see a NFl game this week instead of watching this same old song and dance!

Tough to pass when you're on your back, or running or have 2.4 seconds to complete a throw (providing the rec. catches it)

Team runs alot because that's the only strength they have.

Can't pass if you're not protected. Why blame MB for that?

Who gets the OC job.

Great just what we need is an unexpierenced head coach in the CFL to take over sure glad we did this we are so much better off now I sense playoffs (sarcasm) We have officially given ourself first overall pick again. Not that was likely in any doubt. Here we go again can't wait to see next season rebuild again with new HC new offence. This organization is complete joke. But hey dont worry be happy right mr young.

house cleaning is needed, time for a spread offense and a cover 2 defense, and an emphasis on solid, sound, special teams.

They can"t get any worse.