can someone please verify this. In riderville tamen our genious GM traded bell for a 5th round draft pick and now we got another winnipeg left over dinwitte just like our coaching staff? Heard it during the gane and on the sports news this am.

Yeah, but what difference does it make? The Riders have Durant, it doesn't matter who the backup is. Besides, that trade gave Bell a better opportunity to play. Additionally, Bell was traded before Harrell requested (and was granted) his release.

Well this is when it matters Durant went down in practice and Dinwiddie takes over this is my point. Tamen got a 5th round draft pick for Bell who everyone new was ready to play, now our fate is in the hand of the x winnipeg quaterback and a x winnipeg coaching staff.
I would say that makes a big difference on the riders season.

At that time, the riders had Graham Harrell. They did not need both, and got rid of Bell.

Dalton Bell has 1 game of CFL experience, while I'm not really sold on Dinwiddie, how do we know from that 1 game that Bell is superior to Dinwiddie?