Bell replacing Curry

Ricky Bell is playing his first game this season and starting Almondo Curry is a healthy scratch again like the beginning of the season?

D.J.Johnson is back and on the practice roster after being released by the Jets.
All star centre Brian Chiu will miss 2 weeks.
42000 seats sold for Big O game next week so far. There is always a big walkup.

I think a lot of sale will depend on the out come of tomorrows game

Curry was icing one of his foot again after the practice this week...

Bell wan't too impressive....we'll see tomorrow...

I thought Bell was very impressive ob Sunday. I was at the game and I didn,t notice him getting burnt and he made some nice plays. On the other hand Darrell Crutchfield lookes really bad on the long pass. I hope Curry and Bell are there next week at the Big O.

I'd bench Crutchfield and play Curry in a heartbeat, but Matthews seems to like Crutchfield's play. Bell played well enough but it'll take time for him to get comfortable with the rest of the secondary and I don't know that we have that time to give him right now with the postseason looming.

Now Ricky Bell is replacing Strickland at Linebacker againstToronto, that’ll be a challenge! And then Curry replaces Bell in the secondary, that’s cool, and Robert Brown is going to finally play instead of John Nix, because Toronto is a passing team, supposedly.
Every week something new! But Strickland is hurt. Stala rolled an ankle in practice but is suppose to play.
I got my tickets today! Go Als Go!!!

Watkins also injured a foot last game, he should play :slight_smile:

A for Strickland, looks like his hamstring, I don't know if he practiced today, he better some rest for this week-end game & start all the other one...even if we really need him this weekend.

Strickland's absence makes me really nervous. I don't like not having our defensive captain in the lineup against those damn Argos, especially when his replacement has played a grand total of one game with us this year.

It looks like TO's Avery won't play.