Bell Expressview Thinks Tonight's Game is Blacked Out

Looking ahead on my Bell Expressview Guide this morning, I saw that Bell says this game is not available in the Hamilton area. I have notified both the Tiger-Cats and Bell of this innacuracy. Anyone else seen this?

I am a long-time season ticket holder, and will be at the game, but I always like to record the game for later appraisal. Hope this is only a glitch that will be corrected.

This was discussed before last weeks game, the game is NOT blacked out.

You would be notified days in advance if the game were blacked out.

Jordan, we all know the game is not blacked out, but if Bell thinks it is, and won’t allow people to watch it, there is a serious problem for tens of thousands of Tiger-Cat fans who would like to view the action. I have spoken to the Tiger-Cat office, and they are chasing it down, but it is still a potential disaster for Bell customers who are Tiger-Cat fans.

That's why I subscribe to Rogers Cable!!

Use the HD it not blackout..

I saw this on last weeks game, in the end it wasnt blacked out. Tape CFL pregame and exrtend your timer by 3hrs, thats what i did and it worked!
Last week when i posted this Scott got back to me and told me no games are sechuled for blackouts yet this year!
Bell Expressview is Pi$%ing me off anyways, even in a rain storm my satelite goes out!

Rogers sucks!

Try it now, as mines says its on, so im aloud to tape it! :rockin:

I love Rogers!!!
I’m hoping that they bring the NFL to Toronto and we can get rid of the Argos!!

This is weird I also have had this on and off issue last year with Bell ?? My HD Channel worked CH850 and the regular Channel 400 TSN didn't! my neighbor next door had no problem with Cable?? :?