Bell échappe la diffusion du hockey : uine bonne nouvelle?

Bell a laissé aller les enchères pour l'obtention des droits de diffusion du hockey au Canada.

Cette situation les fera peut-être mettre plus de ressources sur la couverture des sports qui lui restent, ce qui serait en soi une bonne nouvelle pour les Alouettes.

The RDS regional agreement with the Canadiens ends at the end of this season. I am not sure if they will be allowed to bid on a new one or it will automatically go to TVA now.

Should RDS lose it they obviously will have a lot of air time to fill.

RDS will be/are allowed to bid on the 60 remaining regional Canadiens games. I will not be surprised if Quebecor/TVA Sports "overbids' thus leaving RDS will no more hockey games. The least of my worries.


Who cares. Would be nice if RDS/TSN covered other sports anyway. Too much hockey coverage in this country to begin with. At one million dollars a game plus production costs I don't blame them one bit. There is no way to see enough advertizing in Canada to come up with two million dollars of advertizing a game.

I wouldn't be surprised if the NHL (corporately) wants to keep TSN in the game, looking long-term at the next contract. The NFL has alawys tried to keep as many networks involved as possible, for the very reason of optimizing bidding. I believe that Sunday Night Football was created to allow another network to have some games (or perhaps a network that lost the main bidding to retain some games).