Bell Cuts Sports Radio Stations in Hamilton, Vancouver and Winnipeg

Why? just keep it on TSN. People subscribe to TSN and Sportsnet because they watch sports. You lose sports on TSN and there is no reason to watch it. The Jays were on the CBC years ago and now on Sportsnet, they get a pretty big audience, same with the Sportsnet NHL and the Raptors.
We don't need the CBC

You might get a bigger TV audience on broadcast television than on cable. Refer to the Super Bowl on CTV.

Better chance of getting the Grey Cup on CBC than it would be under the current arrangement with TSN.


I recall figures that came out a couple of years ago that showed TSN was available in 27 million Canadian homes. TSN is not an impediment to viewership. Cable cutting is however and the CFL should be pushing TSN to make significant improvements in this regard. I don't find the TSN Go app particularly user friendly.


You can get CBC via the internet :wink: .

Look, you said, "Not sure anymore about the CBC having greater coverage than TSN," and I'm merely saying that it ain't so.

But onto the general topic...
As people have said, people are cutting cable. A fan may sign up for TSN online, but what about the casual fan? Having your product on a pay-only platform isn't the way to grow a sport.


extremely few people are cutting cable. they are just using their internet connections more, provided by the cable providers.

unless someone is using their 5g wireless plan as their primary source of bandwidth, virtually no one has "cut cable".

Canada's major TV providers lost 278 thousand subscribers combined in 2019, up sharply from the 170 thousand lost in the previous year. Cord-cutting has become a major problem for traditional TV providers, who often find themselves losing out to video streaming services as consumers turn to the internet for content instead.

The total revenue of over-the-top subscriptions in Canada in 2019 reached 1.53 billion Canadian dollars, a significant increase from the 1.1 billion generated in the previous year. OTT subscription revenue has more than tripled since 2015, highlighting the popularity of online content from platforms like Netflix.

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btw - it also needs to be point out that it was Bell in general that received the CERB/CRB benefits.

It appears it was only the media division of Bell that was cut back.

"Recently cut Bell Media division is BCE’s weakest link

A 23.9 per cent profit margin on quarterly revenues of almost $800 million would have many companies breaking out the champagne to celebrate a resounding success. Instead, BCE Inc. broke out the chainsaws.

Those numbers, by the way, were from the fourth quarter results at Bell Media, the BCE division which has been getting pared back since Wade Oosterman took over as CEO in early January. In addition to parting ways with several senior executives in January, Bell Media also eliminated hundreds of jobs at radio and TV properties across the country in the last few weeks.

Why torch a division which is still making money? Because it’s a relatively tiny piece of the BCE empire, and the company is trying to focus on the vastly more lucrative wireless division.

Of the company’s three main areas — wireless, wireline and media — the media business is by far the smallest generator of revenue, and the least profitable. In the fourth quarter of 2020, Bell Media brought in $791 million, just 13.1 per cent of BCE’s overall revenue. It had a profit margin of 23.9 per cent in the quarter. In comparison, the wireless division brought in $2.4 billion, with a margin of 37.5 per cent. The wireline division, which includes satellite and fibre optic TV and internet, as well as the disappearing act of what was once Ma Bell’s mighty landline telephone empire, came in at $3.1 billion, with a margin of 42.4 per cent.

But the wireless division is growing increasingly more vital to BCE’s fortunes; one sign of the importance is the company’s recent announcement that it would be spending more than $1 billion over the next two years to help double the size of its 5G network."

So while Bell cut back in one of its divisions, in this case, media, they are growing in other divisions, i.e. wireless.

Absolutely it is fair that they receive CERB/CRB benefits.

It's also quite unfortunate that all those that criticized Bell for taking advantage of receiving those benefits and cutting at the same time only looked at one of its divisions.

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you can get the CBC for free via plugging your tv in. This is why HNIC is still on CBC. Rogers Sports Net wanted them gone but they know SN only would kill off their venture.

This is why the CFL should be on CBC or GLOBAL. They are the easiest channels to get nationwide and must be available within fair amount of distance to populated areas


Yeah, you're just nitpicking.
People are cutting cable TV.

It's never going to happen.
CTV created TSN for sports and then expanded to the 5 TSN sports channels, they need sports. Sportsnet was created to take sports too and they outbid TSN for the Jays, Raptors and the NHL, you will never see the Jays, Raptors or the NHL, except for Saturday night on the non cable/satellite networks.
The exception is when the US networks broadcast the NFL or MLB and NBA playoffs, our networks don't have a choice but to simulcast or face everyone watching the US networks.

TSN was created in 1984 as a independent 24/7 sports channel with some investment from ESPN.

Sportsnet was created in 1998 by CTV as an alternative to TSN.

CTV ended up selling Sportsnet to Rogers as a result of acquiring TSN.

CTV still gets the better deal in this transaction.

Somewhat related

Sportsnet broadcast to be simulcast on Fan 590.

Satillte (SiriusXM) radio is the way to go. Better options for listening and for the CFL to explore.


As I have Sirius XM, I could not see the CFL doing 24 hours of content at all. I have soccer for example via SiriusXM FC, and well, they cannot even pull it off though most of the content, mercifully, derives from the UK and there are replays. Even NFL Radio struggles with all day especially in the off-season.

But via one the Canadian stations, of which one is The Verge Canadian indie music as I have begun to explore and highly recommend, I could see the CFL putting in a 2-hour daily show for half of the year.

Well maybe the pandemic is the excuse because almost all FM sports radio has been awful for well over a decade anyway?

Were any of these stations any good?

One exception in some cities are the guys who cover live sports and do the shows on the next morning.

The sports blogs have come and gone, but they changed sports media irrevocably and for the better by getting rid of a lot of the local homer rot and fluff.

The worst shows are the ones that still take listener calls. The guy calling into the shows is always hardly aware how to go forward on radio, burns time with the small-talk, and is that guy in your neighbourhood who will always talk your ear off for any reason. They were dead weight on these shows over a decade ago, so good riddance to that format too.

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Or how about the guy that phones in for the all expense trip to a sporting event of their choice out of a hundred callers as you have tried to get on. They get an easy question to win the prize, they stall for time because they are googling the answer but they blow it anyway. You're frustrated because you knew immediately the answer once the radio host announced the question on air.

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Should surprise no one, and sports fans should anticipate hearing more stuff like this. It's a pretty big cost savings for Rogers and the Blue Jays, Argos have also done something similar to this (although it was rolled back slightly).

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