Bell Cuts Sports Radio Stations in Hamilton, Vancouver and Winnipeg

Complete Carnage At Bell Media Radio: Vancouver, Winnipeg and Hamilton Sports Stations Eliminated – Toronto Sports Media Blog

Will affect the airing of Ti-Cats and Lions. Bombers are on CJOB 680

The hits just keep coming from Bell but it's the sign if the times too. I don't remember how long it's been since I've listened to any sports on the radio. With Covid working from home, I haven't tuned in to either 1050 or 590 in a long time.

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Terrible, terrible news
Bell/TSN got a huge subsidy from the government for Covid-19 of $123M


Me neither. Have no idea anymore who their hosts might be.

This is why the CFL gets little or no coverage. Bell , TSN, RDS & Rogers cater to the larger population markets.... Montreal & Toronto....... Another reason why the CFL needs to do a better job promoting the larger population market teams because the media coverage is non existent or an after though in Montreal, Toronto & Vancouver.

Petty low doing it on CFL free agency day IMO. you’re taking direct and sole responsibility for these layoff actions? My god man, have you no mercy?!


Wow a Big hit to CFL radio content .

But for me it's also the timing ,

The reformatting radio stations during a pandemic .

Hmmm comedy and business to replace sports and getting 122 million from the public .

Maybe I am out of touch but I see radio as Car time media .

From the comments of employees effected who are more in the know it's rational behind it is debatable .

For me as a listener when I am in my car do I turn on a business program or comedy or sports .

Lately I want local content for the last few years . I want folksy news and talk telling me what's going on in the area during a break from music that has nothing to do with the current era of crap .

For sports I turn on the local game in the car and want to hear local sports .

I have a feeling some other media holder will fill the gap hopefully .

I do none of the above; I play my Miles Davis CDs

I still have a CD player in mine as well and it's my fall back .

Pretty soon though even that will be a thing of the past and you will need to download it on your phone .

What if you don’t have a phone ? Got lots of cd’s and cassette tapes. Eventually gave my 8 tracks away

What if you don’t have a phone ? Got lots of cd’s and cassette tapes. Eventually gave my 8 tracks away.

You will probably have a CD player installed on your dime but it will be cheaper to just get Amazon Prime .

I imagine it will be like Alexa at home only in the car you just say play Miles Davis and boom you get the hits .

The CFL should start their network either through Sirius XFM channel on satellite radio or a television network like the NFL Network on Cable Television. I don't understand how the NFL Network got on Canadian Television with having Canadian content.

If Rod Petersen can get on Game+ channel, the CFL should get something done

Money - baby and the Montreal, Toronto & Vancouver markets.

Running a Radio or TV Network cost money Something the NFL has and CFL has not.
Just put back on Local Radio like 900 CHML in Hamilton

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The loss of the NHL package really starts to sink in.

Again being hockey centric really has it's limitations.

So Bell still lays off people even after getting a 122 million bailout and yet no help for the CFL.

Talk about being hypocritical and anybody that defends this move well

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Lot's more cuts coming. RDS alone lost 26 million dollars.

I still can't get my head around Bell doing this on the CFL free agency day. A real slap in the face to CFL fans and the League IMO. Almost like it was intentional. The bean counters couldn't have waited a few days? Shameful.

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Can't afford one studio with a couple of CFL analysts and interns doing a weekly preview/CFL betting line(once single game gambling is legalized) show through a network of radio stations like the old Primetime Sports show with Bob McKeown or RaceLine radio show. And expand from there

A podcast won't cut it. You gotta see the door of opportunity opening not closing