Bell an Eskimo

How many is that? I've lost count

Bell became expendable with Stephenson's return.

....sorry to see him go ...but Stephenson is the future and will fill in quite nicely.. :wink:

yeah...with his history, he became a fan favorite...He'll catch on with someone.

This one will hurt more than we think at first, Bell defined 'special-teamer'. But he became expendable with Stephenson here, lets hope someone will be able to pick up the slack on ST.

....That's why we picked up Shawn Gallant from T.O......He was a special teams demon for them last year... :wink:

ahh very true papa, brain went blank for a second. :slight_smile:

.....I KNOW THE FEELING......happens to me quite a lot.... :lol: :lol:

:lol: hey, there isn't anything right with one once in a while