Belairdirect Commercial With Buck Pierce

Nice to see a CFL Quarterback in a Commercial x 2... :thup:

I'm save watching this until tomorrow when I can properly appreciate this. But considering where they went with Scott Moir and Bruny Surin, it doesn't take a genius to figure what they did with Buck Pierce.... :lol:

:) A hint... It rhymes with "duck".

Gee they showed the wrong hit. The one that former Ticat Jamall Johnson (I think) laid on Pierce in the open field (probably 4 years ago) was much harder - but then Buck was already scrambling with the ball on that hit rather than behind the O line. Saw the first one earlier tonight and thought it was hilarious, but yes, it' nice to see a former CFL QB featured in a national commercial.

too funny

That's good, but do you notice that any commercial that has a CFL flavour, generally has former players and/or coaches. Would be nice for some current players to get some airtime.

I know.
Look at the other leagues whose current athletes do commercials. Those guys become household names; and it's neat going to games and seeing celebrities.

A Home Hardware commercial shown during the summer for deck stain that ended with two football players sitting in Muskoka chairs (in full gear) included a Ticats DL back up player Hassam Hazime - who of course was NOT wearing black and gold and whose name was not mentioned. Not auspicious to be sure - but a bit of a start.